24 and scared about CIN 3

My situation didn't start typically as I'm not old enough to have a smear. I had a pelvic infection which lead to an internal from my GP. She said my cervix looked inflamed. I was then referred to have a colposcopy. The nurses took 2 biopsies. Originally I was advised I have CIN 1 & 2, due to my age they took this to a board to be reviewed as to whether I'd need treatment. Up on this they called back and advised I had CIN 3 and now am having lletz whilst put to sleep due to my own preference.




I'm sorry to mither but this has been going on for some months now and I'm finding it very difficult to deal with as struggle with anxiety. 


I have a few questions.


First of all If you read my history above, how could I have gone from having CIN 1 & 2, to having 3 from the same biopsies? I'm concerned was this reviewed correctly in the first place?


Secondly is it a good thing I have various CIN's? Is this less likely to be cancer rather than just being told I have CIN 3?


Thirdly during colposcopy I had 2 biopsies taken, would this show cancer if I had it? Or would it atleast give the doctor an idea if I may have it? They said there's nothing to lead them to believe it's cancer from my results.


I am 24, I lost my virginity in my early teen age years so have been sexually active for 10+ years, does this make me more likely to have cervical cancer?


If I do have cervical cancer will it most likely be treatable? I don't have any symptoms really, no irregular bleeding? I've only had mild pain having sexy since having a pelvic infection.


I'm really scared I'm terminally ill and dying and I don't even no about it. The wait is making me so ill because I'm so worried.





Hey Lauren,

I know it's easier said (and a bit rich coming from me cause I'm the same) but try not to worry. Its so easy for our heads to go haywire and the wait is awful. I think the biggest reassurance is that if there is anything going on they will catch it and be in touch quickly. And once were on the radar they'll keep an eye on us!

From how I understand it (And I'm no doctor) the grade of CIN goes on how many layers the abnormal cells cover/penetrate. So CIN3 all layers of the cervix have the abnormal cells, but it is only cancer/a real problem when it goes past this final layer (which can then spread). Given cells are literally microscopic you can understand how one area can be CIN1 and another can be CIN2. Good news is they can see those early changes! The results of the LLETZ confirm (or can be different from) the colposcopy biopsy diagnosis, and also give an indication as to how successful they were in removing all the abnormal cells. Clear margins mean there are no abnormal cells around the sample so all should be contained within the biopsy.

I really do understand how freaked out you get when this is found so early. I'm 25 and like you became sexually active early (which they say increases risk of HPV, which is nothing we should be ashamed of as seemingly everyone carries the bugger). My first smear only came back with minor cell changes and just had the colposcopy because of hpv. It blew me down when they said it was CIN3!

Anyway that's my story. Hope this provides some reassurance and know you're not alone

Molly xx

Hi Molly,

Sorry for the late reply! It's nice to know I'm not the only person whose a little freaked out about this. I suppose I'm just so scared of having terminal cancer and the waiting is bloody awful!  I'm hopeful that if something was seriously wrong they'd of seen at colposcopy and worst case scenario it's only microscopic cancer. Basically anything that can be fixed. Have they advised how you will reicieve your lletz results and how long it will be? 

Big hugs