24 and first ever Cervical Screening Test Abnormal. Hoping for answers from people who may know more on the subject :)

Hopefully one of you lovely lady’s will be able to help with some questions I have about my smear test. As i am quite scared if I am honest.
I came across this website when searching for the answers to my questions and i have to say the way you can discuss it all with people who are in a similar situation is fantastic.
Ok here goes with the questions!
In January I had my first ever Smear test at age 24.
After the cervical screening test I was sent a letter, I cannot remember exactly how long after the cervical screening test it came but I know I was definitely not waiting long.
The letter told me that I needed a Colposcopy, due to there being changes in some of the cells in my cervix (but I don’t know how they would know they are changes if this is my first smear?). It also said the changes were called high grade dyskaryosis. Which I think from reading what I have read on here that this is CIN3?
I was then booked an appointment pretty much within the next couple of weeks to go for my colposcopy. Once this was done, I was told I would be having Lletz treatment straight away.
They did so and it was relatively pain free. It was certainly uncomfortable but nothing too bad. I did then feel groggy and lethargic for a couple of days but then I was well enough to go back to work. (This is where it gets a little graphic! i do apologise!) After around a week I started to notice I had a beige thick discharge which I assume is completely normal as it did not smell and that has now since become less and less every day.
It has now been 4 weeks and 1 day, I am still waiting the results. The thing is, I am a little confused on what the results are actually going to be.
I know this may sound naïve but what will the test results show? if I have cervical cancer? if I am still at risk of developing cervical cancer? I am aware this may seem like I am uneducated on the subject but I suppose they are not questions I really wanted to ask.
Also what will happen when they come back? Will I then need to have check ups, if so what are they checking for? I know there are quite a few questions there but I suppose I just want to know why I am in this position in the first place.
One of my biggest concerns is, well, people say CIN3 is unlikely to develop into cervical cancer as it can take years. However this is my first ever smear so how do I/they know it hasn’t been years!
Hope one of you can help in answering some of my questions I apologise that there is so many.
Thank you for reading my story, and hopefully helping.

Hi there

The changes referred to in your letter are changes to the cells on your cervix. In other words, they are not looking for changes since last time (as you say, this is your first test), they are looking for changes from normal.

What they have found is high grade changes, which they have treated with LLETZ. When they do the LLETZ treatment, they send the piece that they remove off to the lab, so that it can be analysed. This will tell them (and you) two things: 1) whether the level of abnormality was CIN3 as they thought and b) whether they removed it with a margin of clear cells around it, which they do just to be on the safe side. If they get all of it plus a bit for luck, there's less chance of it reappearing.

You will be invited for a smear test in 6 months' time, which will hopefully confirm that you have no abnormal cells. I've just had the results from mine and it came back all clear. Provided that is the case,you'll then go back onto the three-yearly screening program.

Try to remember that of all of the smear tests that come back with some degree of abnormality, the number that go on to show cancer is very small. Many more of us just have the abnormal cells treated.

Hope you don't have to wait too long for your results

x x

Hi Moggsy

Thank you very much for answering my questions. I have searched for the answers i was looking for but for some reason the answers always stop when it comes to the procedure. There is not much that has told me well what happens next. So i do appreciate your reply :)