23yo, Leep, Silver Nitrate, Cryo, Silver Nitrate in 8 months,.

hey! im 23 years old and in october i experienced some bleeding with intercourse, as well as mini period in between cycles,. i went to the doctor and had a abnormal pap, HGSIL. I then went for Colpo and was scheduled a Leep less then a month later. CIN2/3 is what i was told. I was also under the impression that the leep should settle things. Since the leep in october, my immune system has been shot. i am 23 and got shingles on my face, they dont even offer the vaccine untill you are 50. along with umpteen different sore throats, ear infections , and flu. a few short months after the leep i started bleeding again during intercourse and was treated with silver nitrate in the office, my first follow up pap came back normal. i experienced bleeding with intercourse again and was treated with the Cryotherapy in the office in March, i experienced bleeding again this month and went in and was given silver nitrate treatment again, as well as the doctor saying i bled when he just barely touched the cervix with the qtip. My 2nd pap is next month and he said if i have any bleeding before that appointment then at that time he will do a more aggressive cauterization, in the office, "kind of like another leep, but not taking the whole top layer of the cervix, just the effected area". and if that does not work then another full blown Leep.


my concern is that i am only 23 years old, i still want kids, and a family. and this just seems like alot of procedures in such very little time. at this point i feel that my symptoms should be resolving, and since they are not, maybe some further testing to see if there is a different cause? i have also thought about getting a second opinion.


pleae advise.


Hi Val :-)

Are you in the US? Most of the women on this forum are in UK and reading your post sounds like you have very different procedures where you are than those carried out in Britain.

For the most part this section of the forum is used to discuss post-treatment for a real cancer diagnosis, so surgery/chemo/radio/brachy therapies. You might find you get more help from people in the colposcopy section of the forum, though I couldn't say for sure.

Really sorry to hear about the shingles - it's a bastard!

Be lucky :-)