23 yr old, first Pap smear

I have had issues bleeding after sex since I became sexually active about 4 years ago. After brushing it off for years I went to my GP in NL whilst I was still living abroad and they took a routine Pap smear (my first one). I got my results back & the results of an STD test and they were both totally normal but they said they’d refer me to a gynaecologist for further tests.

My GP in the UK said he wasn’t concerned it was something too serious but referred me for more testing at a hospital. I attended this on Friday thinking it would be another Pap smear. The doctor was incredibly dismissive, insensitive and I don’t feel I had informed consent about what was happening.

He ended up taking a swap and biopsy and then cauterised my cervix. He implied that was the ‘treatment’ to the issue but I’m really confused because I feel no clearer about what the issue is. Does anyone have any similar experiences of post coital bleeding/treatment via cauterisation ?

Hi Daisy.

You seem very young to be cauterisation or lletz (if they preformed that to you). Where did this cauterisation happen? Have you received results that you have high risk HPV and abnormal cells? What do your test results state?

No I got the Pap smear done abroad which indicated no cancerous or pre cancerous cells but they didn’t say why they thought the bleeding was occurring and suggested seeing a gynaecologist.

My GP then said he’d send me for another appointment at a local hospital and that’s when the cauterisation happened. I thought this appointment would be discussing the issue and next steps but he actually did a biopsy. He seemed totally disinterested in the results I’d already been given.

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Sorry just to clarify, the cauterisation happened at a local hospital in this country

Are you talking about loop lletz? or just a punch biopsy? because i am not sure since you have no abnormal cells, why did they do cauterisation?