23 Years old - Concerned



I really wasn't sure whether to ask this or not. Don't want to offend anyone or anything, i'm just freaking out about a few things.


I wondered if anyone has experienced these symptoms and are around my age.. 

I have been bleeding continuously for the past 10+ weeks.. And it has been really really heavy - massive clots. I am aware i probably should be taking iron tablets etc. 


I also have pain during sex (this was before the bleeding started as ive not really felt like sex while on my prolonged period)..


I am aware i probably should of gone to the drs weeks a go, but i've put it off because i am massively body conscious and the thought of my GP looking at my vagina makes me feel incredibly anxious. I have a Drs appointment on friday and i am extremely frightened.


I am aware its probably not CC. but i wondered if anyone has had these symptoms at my sort of age and what the GP did/suggested?


Am i just going to be fobbed off? 


Thanks for reading!

Hi Snow, firstly I am sorry that you are having this bleeding & pain , it’s unpleasant to put it mildly. While its totally understandable to feel uncomfortable about having a doctor examine our lady bits it might help to remember that this is a common enough scenario for them & you will be covered as much as possible during the process. You have been brave making the appointment & getting ur health situation seen to. The bleeding could be caused by a number of different things so try not to worry too much. Let the doctor know how how anxious you are & hopefully he will be able to calm your fears. Mega good wishes for Friday & hugs for today.

Hi Snow - its so hard to make that initial appointment, well done to you. You're doing the right thing and will certainly not be fobbed off. You won't regret having this checked out, and sooner rather than later. Just breath through it and think happy thoughts and afterwards you will wonder why you were so worried.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on xx

Thank you for replying ladies.

Really appriciate the support! My partner is coming into the appointment with me so that A i dont get fobbed off (becuase i've heard that sometimes Drs don't take these symptoms seriously when the woman is under 25) and also incase I clam up and can't explain things properly.

Trying to keep positive, its the not knowing what it is which is terrifying! Somethings wrong, just need to know what so i can deal with it. 

Will keeo you updated xx

dont let them fob you off you commented on my post about me requesting a smear at 24...not a great experience and if your symptoms persist after your doc has seen you go back dont ignore everything for years like me x let me know how you get on

Thank you for responding to me :-) Saw my GP today. She's put me on tablets to stop the bleeding. Booked me in for bloods.. And for an internal pelvic exam next fri.


Hi Snow, that's good to hear, sounds like you're being taken seriously which is exactly what you want. Whether its something serious or not, you needed to have it checked. I'll be thinking of you Friday, best of luck x

Really really really dreading Friday. I have huge body issues. I know no one particularly likes people looking at their privates but I'm finding the thought horrifying. I suffer with severe anxiety and even leaving the house and talking to people is a problem.. So this is just.. Too much. Really reallu struggling. Feel like cancelling it, but I know that's not smart given my symptoms. im really over weight and just reallu struggle with people looking at my body. This is so stressful. :-( 

Oh honey I really feel for you. Body issues were the big thing for me too, and the reason I became a smear dodger. But if I could turn back time now I would do ANYTHING to get over that, because what I have through has been so much worse than having a smear. My friend said to me, ' you have to be a big brave girl' and she was right. The doctors and nurses have seen it all before and then some. The only thing they're looking at when they look at your body is how they can make it better and what they need to do.

a friend of mine told me that he meditates when he has to have MRIs and he won't even let them slide him into the machine until he's in a good place. Whilst I don't think I could manage that, I have developed my own 'squeeze my eyes tight shut and think nice thoughts'technique that seen me through some things that I'd never have thought I'd have been able to deal with.  I also like Kalms and Bachs rescue remedy. Try to find something that might help you get through examinations, and if all else fails just keep telling yourself to 'be brave'. It will be worth it.

best wishes for today, let us know how you get on.

Molly xxx

Thank you Molly, it was horrifying for me, I was a right mess. I have such a good GP tho, she was very understanding. I found it really painful :-( she said she couldn't see anything on my cervix and she took some swabs to check for any infections but said it's unlikely that. She's thinking it's something to do with my womb but isn't sure. She's going to refer me to get a scan using a microscope done which will check the cervix and the womb more clearly. So I'm still no closer to knowing what's causing it, but Im glad she couldn't see anything on my cervix 



Hi snow, i know what you mean about being fobbed off, they dont take you seriously especially if your under 25, i was 18 and had a smear but they refused to send it to lab coz of my age, absolute nightmare! The investigation process is worth the wait although can be frustrating and worrying, but your in the loop now and hopefully they will keep an eye on you and you will feel a bit of relief when they tell you exactly what might be wrong, chin up and take care