23 years old and worried

Hi girls, looking for some advice basically I have 2 boys aged 3 and 8 months, going back 4 years ago I constantly bled through my pregnancy kept putting it down to cervical erosion, fell pregnant last year, very sick through out my pregnancy had a very angry cervical erosion that caused loads of discharge and bleeding, I had 2 c sections, during the procedure they found something I never got told went for colpsopy all they noticed I have a c shaped cervix that hasn’t gone back in size and tilts also, but anyway last 7 months I have been having bad watery discharge that smells really bad they keep putting down to thrush they gave me meds to clear and it won’t clear, swabs all came back normal, I pushed for a smear as I’m only 23,im getting bad tummy pain the recent is my pelvis left side that’s so painful, hurts to have sex, my biggest concern is the watery smelly discharge no matter how much I clean it won’t clear, so was I right getting a smear, what was your symptoms, can anyone offer me advice as I’m a nervous young mummy thinking the worst also my mum had cancer cells at 32 had a hysterectomy,

Hi, just wanted to reply as im having alot of problems like yourself and i know exactly how your feeling. I've been having the same discharge your talking about its really watery and is just constant! Along with heavy bleeding and pain. went to my gp and he saw a "growth" on my cervix and I've got my colposcopy this afternoon. 

I know how stressed it makes you as silly as that sounds, I've put it off for 9 months now and finally went to the doctors and now its all i can think about. Hoping to get some answers today, its the discharge that gets to me the most i just cant cope with it anymore!

Hope you get some answers soon, keep us updated! Xx

God can only imagine what your going through, I'm waiting on my results to be posted out to me anyday they should be here, they were dismissing me until I was 25 which is so wrong so I just went privately, something isn't right with my body hoping it's not the c word, all we can do is stay positive thanks for your reply hope your appointment goes well x

I hope you get them soon, its all the waiting that does your head in. Yeah im the same im 24 so they refused a smear. So daft, surely if your having symptoms like ourselves then they should just do a smear!

Hopefully everything will be fine i just want this horrid discharge to stop now. As daft as its sounds im dreading them saying everythings fine because that would mean i have to live with this discharge.

This forum has really helped me last few weeks xx

Well I'm also hoping they find a awnser to my problems caused something is not right at all, yeah that's why I joined this group hoping for advice or stories that can relate

Hi Hun watery smelly discharge sounds allot like bacterial vaginosis!! I had this a few times, easy treated. Go back for another opinion and mention this. X x x