23, first colposcopy, no smear

Hi there


New here and quite anxious.


I have been experiancing pain during intercourse and some very light bleeding afterwards, literally just a spot on the tissue after going the toilet straight after then nothing else. No cramping after or pain, only during.

I went to my docotor as I was expriancing some lower  back pain on my right side accompanied by some right lower pelvic pain. She did an internal exam and said she could feel anything out of the ordinary. I told her about the pain during intercourse and the light bleeding and said I would like to have a smear.

Because I'm below the legal age she has reffered me to a gynecologist in our local hospital. She said she would do a more thorough exam as well as an ultra sound on my pelvis. My pelvic pain and back pain have no subsided, concincidently right after my examination from my GP.


I got a letter through after booking my appoitment (I will just add it wasn't pointed out to me by my GP I would be having a colposcopy) with the gynecologistand and a leaflet about a colposcopy came with it, a long with a letter confiming the procedure.

Quite nervous about it considering I've never had a smear before. Also worried because my doctor must have been quite concerned to refer me for one.

Any advice of smiliar situations (or not!) would be greatly appreciated. Does it hurt? I have had a cystoscopy before, around 2 years ago and this was extremely painful for me. I know they are completely different however this has now made me even more anxious about anything down there.


All advice welcome.


SV x

Good afternoon Soph,


I had a colposcopy a little under three years ago. I know how scary it all seems, i am awaiting results and a referal back to the hospital. The procedure itself was a little uncomfortable but did not hurt. The staff were wonderful and helped ease my worries. When are you due to go in??  Just please make sure you rest well afterwards. I stupidly went back to work 3 days later and lost so much blood i ended up in hospital for 4 days.

Take care hun. x x

Thanks for replying P-M.

I'm due to go on the 25th April. My appointment at my GP was at the end of March, so I'm waiting about 4 weeks to go, not sure if this is a good or bad things in terms of referal. I dont know if this classifies as urgent or not.

Luckily it's a Friday so I have the weekend and depending on how I'm feeling I have the option to take Monday off also.

I think what I'm most worried about is that I've kind of missed a step out and gone straight for the colposcopy rather than a smear test. I'm terrified they will find something - I'm a bit of a worrier when it comes to health anyway.

The bleeding started a couple of years ago and I went and had an examination ( I was only 20/21 then) and upon examination they found i had a small cut on the wall of my vagina (or so i can remember - sorry for the TMI) however as I am now experiancing some discomfort I'm questioning myself as to whether this was actually the outcome. I know they took a swab at the time, i dont think this was a smear though.

I hope your results come back negative for you. xx

Hey! I know It's easy to say but please try not to worry! The colposcopy is a lot more comfortable than a smear as they are doing it day in and day out. The only thing I found uncomfortable was the biopsy being taken but it was just like a period cramp  and over with so quickly. I had a nurse that stayed head end talking to me which was a good distraction! I found that taking an ibroprofen about 30 mins before appointment helped too! the whole thing was over with in less than 10 minutes. I was so nervous beforehand and burst into tears when they called me through but on hindsight it really wasn't too bad and a lot more comfortable than a smear! Just try and relax. Take care xx


Jan 13 - borderline with HPV

Feb 13 - colposcopy - no treatment

Feb 14 - mild dyskaryosis with HPV

Mar 14 - colposcopy - awaiting results of biopsies

I think the waiting and not knowing is harder than the actual colposcopy part. Lol. Easier said, I well know. I'll still be a bag of nerves when I'm back for treatment even though I know it'll all be fine.

Yes I completely agree the waiting is worse! It's horrible! I just want my biopsy results now!!! Good luck for your appointment xx


Jan 13 - borderline with HPV

Feb 13 - colposcopy - no treatment

Feb 14 - mild dyskaryosis with HPV

Mar 14 - colposcopy - awaiting results of biopsies

Hiya, maybe she's referred you straight for the colposcopy instead of doing a smear because you're under

the smear age? I know some labs reject a sample if the lady is under 25. 

The colposcopy itself really isn't too bad at all it sounds worse then what it actually is

if they take a biopsy it's a slight pinch thats over in seconds.


try not to worry, and ues waiting is the worst! 


Good luck xxx

Thanks for all your replies.

It's so reassuring speaking and reading other people's experiances. And that a lot (if caught early enough) can be treated.


Nicola, I did think that myself about the age thing, however when my GP reffered me she said she isn't in the position to do a smear, which i understand, and she said the hospital would be. So when I got the colposcopy appointment I was a litte shocked we had kind of skipped out the middle man.

Well...here's to another 3 weeks of waiting and worrying. Hoping for the best outcome.

Thanks everyone xx

I'm in exactly the same situation as you. I'm 23, experienced pain when having intercourse and bleeding afterwards. I went to see my GP who took three swabs and sent them off to rule out infections, all of which came back negative. Still experiencing the pain, I went back to my GP who had a look up my cervix and said that it was red and that there was a lot of discharge. She has now referred me to the doctor (having not had a smear like you) and my letter is for a colposcopy on 23rd April. I also had a four week ish wait for my appointment. 


I was a bit confused that I hadn't had a smear, so I'm pleased I'm not the only one!!


Good luck with yours, I'm sure it'll be fine! x

Hi Pinklady


We are in exactly the same situation then, and having them within 2 days of each other.

Perhaps this is the procedure they normally take for those under the age of 25. I must admit, i'm so anxious and i have to push it out of my mind because it's get that bad I can't concentrate it work or on anything if I think about it too long and the outcome. Googling never helps - I'm so glad I came across this forum because it's compleyely calmed me down about the situation.

Not looking forward to it at all, however for me it's probably better than what I hoped for. I really did want to be tested so a colposcopy is one step ahead of that. Despite being nervous, I can't complain. My GP acted quire impulsively.

Please let me know how you get on.


Wishing you luck too x

I had mine done today. He put some vinegar solution on my cervix (I watched the whole thing on a screen which was strange), and he told me that if my cervix goes white it identifies possibly cancerous or precancerous cells. Unfortunately it did change white and so he took a biopsy and said I will hear back with the results within 4 weeks. It really didn't hurt that much- it was only the biopsy which I really felt and that felt like a stomach cramp. I'm still bleeding a little now but apart from that I'm ok - just worrying about the results now! Hope your's goes ok... Don't worry about it because it really isn't that painful and the nurses were lovely!


Let me know how you get on xx

Hi Pinklady


i had mine today too. It was all a bit of a blur due to me being so nervous. 

The nurses were lovely and explained the procedure which I felt like I knew more about than they did. She explained beforehand she didn't think it was going to be anything and I didn't know if I was annoyed at the instant dismissal or reassured. She yopk a look anyway, I couldn't bare to watch. I blame a bad experience with a cystoscopy previously. 

She said everything looked healthy and normal. She said I have mild endometriosis which will be causing the slight pain and bleeding after intercourse. She said apart from that everything looked fine. She didn't do a biopsy and im almost certain she didn't put the solution on to highlight abnormal cells.

I'm extremely relieved but also there's still some fear. But I've got to trust what she says. She knows what she's looking for and I can only hope she would know some of the signa of abnormal cells. 

I've also got to come back in June for a scan of my pelvis and back as I've got pain that wont subside. 


Im im sorry to hear that your results were inconclusive. i have everything crossed for you and here's hoping it's of course pre cancerous cells if not just some minor changes. I'm sure it will be. 

Will you PM me and let me know when you get your results? If anything else, it's nice to speak to someone who is the same age going through this too. 


Best wishes




Hi Soph,


Sorry for the delay in reply! I'm really pleased that yours went well for you! Yes I think you need to trust in what they say, and it won't be long before you are able to have a smear anyway when you are 25. I'm still waiting for my results to come back - seems like a lifetime!

Do they do anything for mild endometriosis?

It's been lovely to speak to you and know that I am not the only one who has experienced issues.

Rebecca x