22, first smear, mind going in to overdrive.

Hi there,

I am very new to forum (first post) I have read lots of different posts and took lots of information in. I suppose I am looking for reassurance, sorry in advance. I’m not even sure if i should post this, as it feels so minor to what a lot of people are going through/have been through.

To give a bit of an overview, I am nearly 23 years old, I have a nearly 3 year old son. Around 10 months ago I started getting a little bit of bleeding after intercourse with my partner, wasn’t to worried about it as I had previously had cervix erosion which was dealt with quickly and just assumed it was the same thing. About 3 months ago the bleeding after intercourse got a lot heavier, to the point I would continue to bleed heavily for around 24 hours, big clots would be on a pad in this time also. I woke up 4 weeks ago (had not had intercourse that night) and my bed was covered in blood, sheets completely soaked through. I decided it was time to go the doctors so booked an appointment. Saw my GP 2 days after this and she suggested it may be an infection/STI of some sort. I knew this was not the case but had the swabs done anyway.

Went back to my GP today to follow up after the results, they were all fine as suspected. She examined me, she used to work in gynae years ago so said she would take a look. After I got dressed she sat me down and her whole demeanour just changed, her first words were reassuringly ‘I am not saying its cancer, but I am going to refer you as an emergency case’. I asked if it was just cervix erosion as i’d had before and she said probably not. Anyway my little boy was getting bored and starting to play up so i swiftly exited.

Over the last couple of weeks the pain in the bottom of my abdomen/pelvis at certain times has been so severe I have had to take codeine for it to disappear. Intercourse can be excruciatingly painful that it has to stop, I also keep feeling breathless and like my heart is racing and just generally very tired, although I am not aware of that being a symptom of any sort.

I’m kind of wondering if there is anything other than cervical cancer this can be? I am so worried but I really have no clue as to what else this can pointed to, I know I am very young and this is extremely rare at my age. Were these symptoms similar to what anybody else has experienced. I have never had a smear due to my age. I am so sorry for the long winded post, I probably don’t even know what answers I am looking for here, just anybody that can relate really.

Thank you so much for reading this, it is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

forgot to add ( I am only second guessing she has referred me for a smear, I don’t actually know what I am walking into on the referral appointment )

Hi Charlotte, 

I didn't want to read and run and I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I think your GP would have referred you for a colposcopy. Do you have your date yet? The colposcopy is honestly nothing to be scared of. I had mine on monday and also had the LLETZ procedure after my smear came back with CIN3.

Just out of interest, did your bleeding after stop after intercourse or did you bleed every time after?

Hope you're doing okay, I know how incredibly hard it is when you're worrying and waiting for tests and results! 

Emily xxx

Hi Charlotte;

Sorry you have to deal with all this when you're so young.

Well done you for looking after yourself and seeing the doctor. That is exactly the right thing to do. Once all the tests are done the doctor will know exactly how to sort you out.

There are tons of things that could be going on, so try not to imagine the worse, although we all do it. It could be so many things. A friend of mine had bleeding and pain - turned out to be a fibroid. Could be some cervical changes that are easily treated. Could be almost anything. Bear in mind that even if it's CC, it's treatable and cureable. 

Jump back on here and keep us posted. We've all been where you are, so we all know how it feels.

love t x

Thank you for taking the time to read my essay! I have not had my date yet as the refferal was only sent off yesterday, so should recieve it soon. I am away for a week on tuesdsay so hoping I get it before I fly. The bleeding happens on most occasions after intercourse, it's very heavy to the point that showers are needed after. We have just stopped doing anything now as I get so paranoid about it I can't relax. 

This is going to sound very silly, but what is a LLETZ procedure? I hope everything goes okay for you :)


Thank you so much for your reassuring comments, I will certainly keep you updated. I am so thankful I came across this forum, it has really helped me in so many ways already.