21 year old with CC

My younger sister has been diagnosed with CC which has spread to her bones…any1 going through the same? We are devestated…thanks

CL I am so sorry to hear that about your sister this is devastatig news for anyone and such a shock to you and your family. I am sorry I cant give you advice about the Cancer spreading to your sisters bones. I just wanted you & your family to know we are here if you need to ask questions or need support. CL please keep in touch. Sending you love xxxx

Oh I am so desperately sorry to read this. Of course you are devastated! We are all here for you but you may also be interested to join the two 'Private Forums' called 'Living with Advanced Cervical Cancer' and 'Supporting a Partner with Cervical Cancer'. You have to apply to join these forums but in there to the best of my knowledge people speak openly and freely about the tougher realities.