21 week wait for colposcapy appointment!!!

Hi, I am just wondering if it is acceptable to wait 21 weeks for a colposcapy!!! I have been reffered by my doctor and when I went to book it they said it could be that long a wait to be seen at the hospital as they have no appointments! I’m really worried this could be potentially dangerous! My history is as follows… I am 34, have 2 young children (7 & 4) and have never missed a smear, or had any problems with them. However, I have just started bleeding after intercourse. It only seems to be when we are in a position where it goes deeper (sorry too much info!!!) But none the less it is worrying and the first time it happened there was a lot of blood. I went to see my gp the day after (I have health anxiety too, lucky me…) who reffered me for a pelvic ultrasound. Everything was clear on this, along with vaginally swabs for infections etc. She said everything was fine but to come back if it happened again. Low and behold it did. So I went back to see another gp who reffered me, but she said because of my age they wouldn’t treat it as urgent. I find this all very worrying, especially when I see the rising number of cervical cancer cases in young women, some much younger than me. Do you think I should push for an urgent appointment or just wait it out? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there. Sorry to read of your worry and I totally see why you are worried. Bleeding isn't normal outside of your period, so your gp has done the right thing in referring you. It sounds like they aren't worried by sending you none urgently and the fact that you have had your smears and are up to date sounds positive. Am I right in thinking your next smear is due next year based on your age? I had irregular bleeding last year and they found an erosion on my cervix. I was lucky and had an appointment in 4 or 5 weeks to have this cauterised. Have they looked at your cervix at the doctors? It could be an erosion, which is harmless. There are many other things that it could be and cervical cancer is far down the list. Polyps, cysts etc, which aren't life threatening. Even on the NHS website it says bleeding after sex is rarely linked to cervical or vaginal cancer. It won't help your anxiety waiting for so long, as I was on a waiting list to have a camera down my throat for other reasons and was told 18 weeks. Luckily my husband had private medical cover, so I went privately for that. I did speak to the colposcopy department to be put on a cancellation list for my colposcopy, it is worth doing that as you never know a space might come up. In the mean time, keep reminding yourself you haven't missed a smear, they've all been normal and your recent US was clear so I am pretty certain there is nothing sinister going on. Good luck and hope you get seen soon xx

Thank you so much, that's really helpful and encouraging. I'm about 18 months since my last smear, so that does make me feel slightly better. Thanks again for your words of encouragement, it really has made me more positive :-) xx