21, should I try and have a smear test?

Hi all,

I'm 21 and have a couple of symptoms of CC and not sure if I should see my doctor to see if I could have a smear?

Since the birth of my son in Sept 2017, I have had abnormal bleeding, just been a bit all over the place so put it down to hormones after giving birth, but my periods became regular around 4/5 months post partum, but I've found myself having bleeding sometimes after sex, I put it down to things like old blood because I only finished my period 3 or 4 days ago, or it could be ovulation bleeding that just happened to occur after sex, it happens about 1/3 of the time after sex.

My periods have got worse I have pcos so they've always been heavy, but now they are lasting 11-14 days but I also have the copper coil so could be why it's so heavy and I assume if there were any abnormalities around my cervix they would of noticed when I had my coil fitted (may 2018)

Since having my son I have had a unusual discharge, it's very heavy discharge every day, just seems continuous its mostly thick and pale, I've tried thrush cream to see if it would go away but hasn't and no other signs of thrush. 

Anyway I'd not even Considered CC until I had my third UTI in 2 months and blood in my wee which I googled and found myself reading about cervical cancer. 

I've also got lower back pain constantly, it's mild and achy but I also have two kids and I'm a nurse so I'm constantly on my feet and rolling patients, straining my back alot. 

I have had one of my hpv vaccines but didn't complete the course and also read its not always effective if you've already been exposed to hpv, which is a possibility as I was sexually abused from the age of 8, so have the potential I was exposed during those years.

Anyway I'm just unsure if I should get a smear test or if they'd even give me a smear , as I think it's my body getting back to normal after having my son but I wasn't like this after having my daughter, I think there is an explanation for each of my symptoms and I know how rare CC is under 25.

Just after some advice and if others have had similar symptoms to me. Xxx