21 days later

So I had a colposcopy and ECC 21 days ago. It was single handedly the most painful thing I've ever been through. I'm still having cramping and pain. No, I've never had children.

The speculum itself had stretched everything and had tore a bit of my vaginal opening.

He decided to biopsy. I had to breathe through the pain, it was excruciating. After I waddled out to my boyfriend, I had to hold on to him to walk somewhat normally. There was no way I would have been able to drive myself home the 1.5 hr drive from the city. I sobbed from the pain as soon as we got to the car.

It took about 3 days before it wasn't agony to move around. 6 days post procedure I went to my local physician to make sure everything was alright. All the educational material online said "it was a simple procedure, shouldn't really hurt, and you'll be fine in a couple days. She gave me xanax and hydrocodone.

Three days after my check up I got called into work at 3am, the pain killer had worn off and I was in agony again. So that next morning I go see a different local physician. I get mild muscle relaxers because apparently everything was so angry and inflamed I was having labor pains. I was also given a round of clyndamycin. 

My antibiotics are through, I supplemented with a probiotic so as not to get a yeast infection on top of everything. I started feeling better.

Tried to have sex recently and that was painful, had some bleeding after. I like to run so two days ago I tried. I had to stop because I was feeling pressure and cramps again. Two days after (today) I'm still spotting and having pain again. No.. it's not my menstrual cycle..

How long should I be having pain?!?! It's exhausting. I have an appointment booked a week from today to see a new obgyn..