2017.....lets make it a good one!

I’m it’s Christmas person I’m more a barhumbug and considering the hell ive been through the last 2 years you cant really blame me!

I just wanted to say let’s make 2017 a better year for us all…thank you for all being there since I was diagnosed and answering my questions no matter how stupid they were!

Try and enjoy your day tomorrow I know I will as I have my sister, nieces and brother in law coming for dinner so I’m going to make as many memories as I can because you never know what’s around the corner…

Much love ladies x

I'll second that! No matter where we all are on our journey with this illness, I hope that you wonderful ladies out there find strength hope and peace in the coming year and  continue to both find and offer support through this site. It is a wonderful resource and you all make it so. 

Thinking of you all and sending love xx

Well I am amazed and delighted that I will see 2017 come in. I wasn't all that confident and I know I shared that doubt with many of you. But it's here and we're here and the longer we hang around the more likely we get to see 2018, 2019 etc etc. It's good to hear you cooking up a storm Carmel and I hope your nieces are delightful. My Christmas was in 98 degree heat and we stuffed ourselves with turkey and plum pudding. You can imagine how uncomfortable the whole thing is but more enjoyable than any other Christmas I've had in the last ten years. I want a good news year for us all or at least one that's calm and no nasty surprises. Love to all Jayne

Joining you all on this one :-) Whilst I have been confident for several years now that I have a long life ahead of me, this was most definitely not the opinion of the gynaecologist who first diagnosed me, he was practically ordering the flowers. So yes, as Carmel says, you never know what is around the corner, good or bad.

Raising a glass to you all

Three cheers ladies!


Be lucky :-)

:) this post has made my day! 

I'm glad I could provide some cheer for you all....I'm glad to say that dinner went down a treat xx

Completely agree! Good bye 2016, you've been weird. 

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2017 x

Wishing everyone a healthy happy new-year here's to 2017  

Jsr4 that comment made me laugh - 2016 you've been weird....having a depressing moment  so thank you xx

Weird's right.