2011 and again this week

hi everyone hope u all doing ok . 

i had colposcopy in 2011 and a lletz treatment for cin1 and follow up yearly smears , last years smear in 2012 was normal but this years on has come back abnormal again so due to go to the colposcopy clinic on thursday. feeling really emotional as i suppose i thought because last years smear was fine i would be ok. i know they found i had the HPV virus and i have a immune deficiency so i probably havent been able to get rid of the virus.

but i'm glad i had yearly smears and went for them . 

Hi Kazza, not really got much advice to offer but like you say at least you have had yearly smears and so they have caught these changes early. Also as you have been before you know what to expect this time, I think sometimes the not knowing is the worst part!

Best of luck for Thursday, I hope you can get sorted there and then x