20, Colposcopy and very worried


I am 20 years old and so far received 2 smear tests, the first one found abnormalities so therefore
I required a second one 6 months later. After my second one I recieved a letter saying that there are
changes that require further investigation therefore I would need to attend a colposcopy. 

This has me worried and very fearful of what it could be. I am scared that it may be something
more than abnormal cells or that I will need treatment. I was wondering if anyone had similar 
experinces and could possibly offer some advice or reaasurance?

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Raemoir :-)

You are very young to be receiving treatment. As far as I understand it these days doctors don't like to treat women under the age of 25 because so often they cure themselves and treatment only causes unnecessary damage. Therefore I think they want to take a very close look at you to determine whether or not they think that you will sort yourself out without any treatment at all or whether it would be better for them to step in. It's better not to try to guess what will happen before it does, just wait and see, it's probably nothing particularly serious.

Be lucky