2 years + post lletz

Back when I was 24 I always had bleeding after sex, kept telling gp i knew something wasn't right. Had smears frequently and nothing ever came back... Had bad bleeding for years and awful periods.

2014 had cryo for what a consultant thought may be where the cervix comes out into vaginal canal - it was agonising and after got worse again.

Had another smear, found CIN2, Had a lletz 2016 told all was off with colonoscopy but said it was steamy and hard to see. I was on contraception at the time. Come January 2017 I came off the pill... no period for months. Agonising pains, consultant found my cervix had healed shut post lletz. Ended up with 4-5 months period stuck, mild adhesions to the uterus.

They opened me under GA drained checked all fertility with camera and said once healed go for it basically... Still not pregnant 2 years on, still having agonising one day period, followed by weeks of old brown blood, then fresh, the brown blobs or dark red blobs... I stop bleeding for probably 3 days of the month. It's light don't worry... if was heavy non stop I would go to a&e or clots larger than 50p This past month, had sex when ovulating and got sickness and felt different for the first few weeks after. But then had a period 2 weeks early.. that lasted 2 weeks of old and new blood... stopped Sunday gone... Last night popped to the loo on my night shift and boom.. bright red bleeding AGAIN...

Still the same now and Just feeling so low and sad and fed up. Must be horrible for my boyfriend and I feel useless and unattractive and like we will never get to make a baby Of our own :(

I have a consultant appointment end of Feb, not long registered with new gp as moved towns. The gp wants to start from the beginning with smear etc scans.. my consultant said it's pointless as he knows what he has to do (I'm a nurse at the hosp my consultant works at so see him often on the wards) but can't talk to me til the appointment. My gp won't do anything else as I begged to continue to be under my consultant in previous town, I can't see my consultant any sooner and I just I'm terrified of everything. If the cin2 are back or have worsened. If I need another operation .. more time off work... more unpaid sick leave... Just want these last 9 years of gynae problems to be solved... 

Just looking for some love and support and not to feel so alone. 

Sorry for too much info and thanks in advance for reading my post. Xxxx

So I saw my consultant and i have another what appears to be mass in my uterus... this scan was September... same as last time I had to wait months and it tripled in size...

I am terrified to say the least what my fertility abilities will be like again now I'll need my cervix opening, more scraping and just stress on my body. 

Are there others out there having this repeat itself? My consultant says hes never had someone this way and hes been a consultant a long time :(