2 years on

I have seen a lot if new ladies being diagnosed recently and thought I would share some of my story, hoping it will help someone in the same way reading others stories helped me.

I was diagnosed Christmas eve 2013 with stage 2b adenocarcinoma. My treatment was 28 radio, 6 cisplatin, and 3 brachy, followed by surgery and was all done by june 2014.

It has been a rocky road and I struggled with very bad bowels, fractures in my hips and pelvis, painful legs and feet, pains in my left side and kidney areas, weight gain and then the good old menopause hit with a massive force ! The drs were great and made recommendations to take pain relief when needed, regular excercise, and diet … but most important to listen to my body.

As a result of the pains I was scanned in Dec and it most of my issues are being put down to recovering from the treatments and there’s no evidence of disease,

Yesterday was check up day… I have graduated to six month reviews … yeahhhhh. I can honestly say that I feel better and fitter than I have for years, both physically and mentally. It’s been a long road, Dec 2013 seems a lifetime away.

I wish all you ladies about to start treatment or going through it all the luck and love in the world… you can do it.


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Wish there was a like button for this! Great lovely lovely  news! x x x

Thanks Suzy.   

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!

Thanks for this Tracey :-)

Hi Tracey :-)

Really sorry to here all the things you went

through post treatment,sounds like it was a long

road for you.

But totally made up to read you have come out the other

side a stronger and fitter lady than before.

Sounds like you are ready and able to take on the next

chapter of your life with gusto.

All the very best for the future.

Becky xx


Hi Tracey thank you for sharing your story it gives us hope. I was told on the 11th Jan the MRI results showed the cancer had spread to my Bowel i was devastated  i was in hospital for a few days for investigations the result came back it hadnt spread yeah. I am now diagnosed stage 2b Adenocarcinoma they have decided against surgery im not sure why but like you i will have Chemo Rad & Brachy. Tracey it sounds like you went through a really difficult time I am so pleased to hear you feel well and fitter. I hope you continue to recover and lead a very exciting life Best Wishes for an Amazing future xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you ladies for your good wishes.

It has been a long road,  and to be honest a much longer road than I thought it would be.  However, I made it !

Good luck to those starting or still on the road.   At times you may think the end is never coming, but keep fighting, you will get there.

This forum has helped me more than anything,  a fab group of ladies


Such an uplifting post thank you for sharing, it's hard to imagine when you are in the storm that things will get better. Blessings to you and all other lovely ladies. Xxx

A wonderful message to read TraceyD - you are a true inspiration to us all.