2 years on...



I used to love reading postive stories on here. I don't come on this forum very often now, as I'm too busy living life, but I remember how important this place was to me!  I thought I'd give you ladies hope when you need it the most and I'd like some advice too!  


I was diagnosed May 2017 at 37 years:

  • 1B1 Grade 3 lymph node involvement
  • Rad H
  • Chemo Rads 
  • No Brach 
  • using a self catheter for x 10 weeks due to bladder not responding 
  • HRT 

I'm now back at work full time and leading a great life. I ache, I have cystiitis type symptoms and period type pains, vaginal dryness and I find sex painful. The aches/discomfort come and (I think) go, (or perhaps I have just learned to live with them). I find the pain worse if I don't exercise. My oncologist doesn't seem worried. He gave me an internal on Tuesday and told me all seems fine and he'd be 'very very surprised' if the cancer returned. The chances of a recoccurance are slim he thinks! 


So now I need your advice, I have been offered a job overseas with my family. A fresh start. My oncologist offered me a scan so I can leave with a baseline. I'm so scared as now I'm thinking, what if these pains are a recoccurance and what if I get a reoccurance and I'm away from home? 

My hubby says what if, what if, what if, we need to live! 

So basically, are pains and aches normal and what would you do? 


Love to you all 









I think aches and pains can be normal, our bodies have been through a lot! But I know how hard it is to push those thoughts out of our heads and the fear creeps in :-/ I say go for the job, what a great opportunity and adventure to have :-) good luck xx 

Lovely post and very reassuring to read. I’m about 12 weeks post rad hyst I ended back in 9 weeks post with infection and fluid leaking, bleeding.  Like you the aches and pains are there with cystitis type feeling.  I go though positive and negative days.  

But what a fantastic opportunity for you to experience.  I’d say don’t put your life on hold. Do as much as you can and grab all the experience vets offered?  I’m sure you can come back if it doesn’t work out.  

Best of luck no matter what you decide. X

What a tough decision to make and only you and your family know what's right for you!

On the other hand, what a lovely decision your faced with!

My nurse shared some very wise words with me that I use often:

I am human and I had cancer. ALL humans experience aches and pains and always will. Not everything is related to cancer and if I live that way I'm not really living at all. Be aware. Stay up on check ups. But live.

I have also added onto that. The reality is cancer is going to come back. Or it's not. I don't get to decide that but I can decide what I'm going to do with my time. I can sit around to wait and see or I can live my life. I'd be pretty pissed if I wasted my time either way. I'm alive today and cancer free, if that changes in the  future I'll deal with it. What I will not do is live in the 'possible' future because that is impossible.

My doctor also told me that %80 of recurrences happen in the first 2 years. I know it could still come back later, but again I'm not going to sit around and wait for it!!

Best of luck ❤


Hi natcog I remember you from being around the same time, I’m approaching my 2 years post treatment too.

i say go for it! I was a bit on hold too until now but everyone does say chances are less after two years so take the job and enjoy! 

Let us know what you decide and congrats! 

Thanks everybody! 

I stlll doubt my body. Every ache and pain I analyse! Anybody else like that?


I've still not decided and I'm driving myself and everybody else mad! 


N x