2 years on - Stage 2b with lymph involvement

Evening ladies

When I first came into this forum just over 2 years ago I was looking for positive stories after being diagnosed stage 2b with lymph involvement, I just needed a little bit of hope to know that I could fight this visitor in my body. I had felt like my world was over if I didn't fight I just needed something, so I promised myself that I would aim for 2 years remission that was my goal and I would come back on here to give hope to whoever was looking for a positive outcome. 

So after the initial shock of diagnosis an being told my treatment plan was chemotherapy, rads an braccy I put my fighting head on an got on with the battle. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic lady on this forum who was local to me message me to keep me going when things got tough, and I'm lucky enough to still have her by my side when I have bad days. I was lucky enough to be NED on my first MRI after treatment, there were scares with bleeding after sex and pain and excessive discharge, each time I would ask for another MRI an they would show that I was still NED and the paranoid thoughts would go back in a box till the next time, I had my last MRI at Xmas an it was still NED. I still suffer from late effects of the radiotherapy, and take lots of pain killers an bowel treatments whether it's to help me go or stopping me from going. I go through bottles of vaginal moisturizer as I use it every day and I can say it helps. For the menopause symptoms I take starflower an vitamin b6 an b12 which stop me being a raging mad woman towards the hubby, however it's a small price to still being NED. You will get aches an pains an everything will have u convinced that the visitor has returned but write it down an see if there is a pattern when it happens.

If u r about to start this mad crazy journey, there is light at the end of the tunnel there are positive stories and you will find endless support on these forums from lots of selfless warriors who understand exactly how you are feeling, u r not alone xx

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Congratulations on being 2 years in remission!

Thank you for sharing xxxx


I have been lurking on here since my diagnosis (2b) at the end of May, and have now joined as I am starting chemorads next Wednesday. The plan is 5x chemo, 25x radio then brachytherapy (not sure which type but it involves two hospital stays a week apart). I'm scared, mainly of the side effects right now.

Your positive post has helped my state of mind enormously MrsP, thank you. I'll keep reading, and hope that I can be encouraging to others in due course.

Congratulations and Thank you for sharing x

Thank you for posting this. 

I am week 4 of my treatment and it’s been tough. I’ve not been on jo’s much as I wanted to concentrate on my journey. But this post is really uplifting for someone like me with lymph involvement.

i hope to post this in 2 years 


Hi Locket

Hope you’re doing ok,I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you. (Think we were diagnosed at a similar time).

Take care and wishing you all the best with your treatment xxx

I have been diagnosed 1b1 with lymph involvment. I had 2 with micro in them.

i had a RH and now going through chemorads. All I think about is those lymph nodes and that it can spread. 

Thank you for your post. It gives hope.

Thank you for this! So grateful for a positive post.

im diagnosed with 1b2 and lymph involvement and only 1 week from chemotherapy I’m starting to understand how often it comes back because of the lymph’s. I’m forever grateful for this post, and I will  such as yourself, comment here again in two years time when I’m Ned from it <3 

Congratulations and thank you for posting this. 
I got diagnosed on Wednesday and my mind is thinking all sorts. 
so I was searching for success stories. 
I will be staying positive and vow to do this too at my 2 year anniversary.