2 years and 5 months NED

On may 24th 2021 I hit the 2 year NED mark. November 24th I will be 2.5 years NED. I remember when I was done with treatments, it felt like forever before I would hit the 2 year mark… but here I am! Just keeping everybody updated. I know I needed positive stories to stay positive. So all the new girls… you’ve got this!!!

Backstory: stage 2B squamous cell. Involved in left parametria. 5 x chemo, 23 x radiation and 4 x brachy.


Thanks for sharing! so glad you’ve had wonderful results, much love to you xx


I am 6 weeks post treatment for stage 2b, great to hear positive outcomes :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Great news! Good to hear you’re doing well. August was my 2 year post treatment & November 13th will be my 2 year Ned.


Hi Emmz, thank you hun. Its been awhile since I’ve been on here. I have been very busy. Hope you’re doing good as well! xxx

Hi AMF, you’re freshly out of treatments. I know how you’re feeling, but hang in there. The anxiety will slowly fade. Hope you’re doing well! I know how much I needed to read positive stories and I promised myself to go back and share my outcome to help others in the same position. You’ve got this xxx

Thats great news Marissa! So happy you almost reached the 2 year mark! Its a bit of a load off your shoulders, isn’t it? xxx

Love to all of you!


Needed to read this today!!! I had last Brachy 2 days ago… I’m in bits with Radio runs and Cystitis…
I managed 28 radio, 3 brachy and 5 out 6 chemo.

The anxiety is awful as well.

Can I ask please if your symptoms are any better now?x

Do you mean me?

I’ll answer anyway! Yes… very very occasionally I suddenly need the loo… as in a bowel movement. Luckily I’ve always been near one!
Cystitis went shortly after that last post. I still need to use the loo maybe twice a night.
I’d say I’m 90% backnto my normal self. I now need to focus on building up my fitness. I’m back to work Jan 4th so that’s a help. X

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Thank you so much for replying…you give me hope… I take the max codine to control the diarrhoea and I’m quietly terrified it won’t go away afterwards…all this gets into your head as well doesn’t it :woman_facepalming:…so pleased life is returning to normal for you…it still seems so far away for me atm…I have 3 more radiotherapy and a brachytherapy to go…then I’m done :muscle:t2:X

Oh I have so so been where you are right now! It felt like it would never end and even though I knew the end was close it felt like an age away!
When I finished treatment I almost tried to force myself to be ‘normal’ again and almost hit the wall! Take it easy…
I also got very very defensive at people saying you look ill
you’re pale
Dont do this and don’t do that! I also remember my Mum in Law saying “you’ll never be able to manage Christmas, you’ll never be the same again”
Hubby had to take my hand and squeeze it as he knew I was on the verge of flipping my lid!

I’m rambling… what I meant to say is that take your time, but things will normalise again. Don’t force it!

Oh and I did manage Christmas, I cooked for 8 of us and it didnt kill me!


Wow!..You’re an inspiration for sure…I definitely need my life back…I need my bowel…and back (radiotherapy has hit a weak spot) to be normal again…my family are great but they wrap me in cotton wool…sometimes I’m happy for that sometimes not…I will focus on baby steps through the Spring…to get well…grow some hair and get back to normal :muscle:t2:…good luck with going back to work…that’s a huge step…well done you xxxxxx

It will go away! I had diarrhea for 6 weeks and as soon as treatment stopped, diarrhea disappeared. I still have a bit of bowel issues here and there, but nothing bad.


Oh thank you so much for replying…you ladies give me such hope…I never used to be a worrier now all I can think about is living like this forever…stupid I know…It’s such a relief to know that others have been through all this and come out ‘as before’…and of course it goes without saying cancer free xx

Thats what we’re here for Sue! Some of the ladies have been an incredible support to me so if I can help someone else I will. I still have a long way to ho but whatever happens I know the ladies here will be with me x