2 weeks wait

I wasn’t sure the right place to post this. I’m due my smear but the last few months I’ve had spotting between periods so dropped in to see my GP. She looked and said my cervix looked very red and etropian but with sclerotic areas around the edge, which she wasn’t sure was abnormal or not. She’s referred me on the 2 week wait pathway. She said she’s 90% sure it’s normal and probably from having LLETZ. Obviously, I’m freaking out a bit about it.
I also need to get my smear booked, I couldn’t get it today as it was the start of my period. I had CIN3 removed over a decade ago. No ones mentioned anything about my cervix since and I’ve stayed up to date on smears etc

So any help of words of advice or personal experience would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Just to update. Saw the consultant today. He looked and said what the GP saw was absolutely classic from LLETZ, all the edges looked normal and he was happy there was nothing concerning. He did the smear test that I’m due, so that’s out the way. Thoughts are my hormones are just out of align as I’m getting older (diagnosis: getting older).

Good to hear your update @Moonlightbynight. Hope the smear results are all clear, do provide an update about that when you know more.