2 Weeks tomorrow since Lletz worried again.

Hi ladies, its 2 weeks tomorrow since my Lletz n i’m worried sick i’m gonna get a phonecall. Think i’m rather bloomin paranoid, hate this waiting. I feel great now after my treatment my lower back pains gone so i can now get comfy in bed n on my sofa that was doing my head in, n the horrible swelling i kept getting under my armpits is also gone. But those bloomin things worry me cos your not meant to have symptoms with cin3, n i definately had them, but at least whatever was causing its gone now. Wish they didn’t leave us hanging so long, i’m not gonna be able to stop worrying till my results come back, i hate fearing the worst n just pray i’m wrong n in a few weeks i’ll get a letter on my doorstep!!! Waitings just torture.

Hiya Sharon, the waiting is the worst but unfortunatelt there's nothing we can do about it! Really glad your aches and pains have finally cleared up. My results took 6 weeks to the day, so you might be in for more waiting I'm afraid :(

Hang in there and whatever the results are, you'll deal with it and we're all here for support if you need it xx

Hi Sharon

Big hugs..........I can hear in your message that its absolute torture for you :-(

In 2 weeks I have my treatment and no doubt I will be having the same worries as you........but with any luck you will be the one reassuring me when you have finally out it behind you after getting clear results :-)

Keep busy hunxx