2 weeks since lletz, no news.....celebrate yet???

Hi everyone,


so I had my lletz on 22/10, nearly 2 weeks ago.  I was told it would be about 4-6 weeks for results. They did a cone biopsy with 'top hat' for CIN3 and CGIN.

i know they said 4-6 weeks BUT I am guessing that if they'd found the dreaded 'c' word I'd have heard by now?? I don't even feel worried anymore, do you think that's right?? I've been so worried since the lletz and this is the first time I've thought rationally about it all. Surely I'd know already if my results were bad???

what do you think?

amanda xx

Hi Mandy,

Obviously I can't say anything for sure, but I know when I was waiting for my results that I felt a lot better after the 2 week mark, I stopped feeling sick whenever I had a text or missed call on my phone and whenever I had post.

In the end I got my results just over three weeks after the treatment, but they seem pretty quick about things generally up here!

Fingers crossed for you :) x x x

I’m going to put a spanner in the works, but until you get the letter you simply don’t know
Different locations in the UK work differently so I’m cautious about assuming that because you havent heard in a superfast timescale that all is ok, for example I do not know what would prompt the team in my area to send results out asap so I resigned myself to the wait.
My post doesn’t mean that you need to go back to worrying about it though…& I hope you get good news I really do…

Hi - I was told that a 6-8 week wait is normal in my area. My results were fast tracked because they were already pretty sure I had CC, but I think that’s unusual.

I think Pepsidoodle is right - you just don’t know the result until you know the result, but in the mean time, keeping busy and getting on with life has to be the way to go. Good luck x