2 weeks post treatment

My treatment finished 2 week’s ago and at night im still up 5 or 6 times to loo n still sore down below im shattered n down how long longer before ot settles down a bit xxx


i noticed a huge improvement after 3 weeks. Be patient you will get there. Everyone is different so don't count on any specific amount. Just take pleasure in small things and before you know it you feel soooo much better. You won't be completely free of things for quite some time so just rest and know your body needs time to heal. 

Hope you feel better soon. 

Just so  down i wud  just be happy  with no pain down  there  n getting  more than  an hr  at a time  laid  in bed im sorry to  moan  xx


hang in there everyone is different and some recover quicker than others 

as for the feeling down can you not contact your cns nurse and express how your feeling they maybe able to sort some counselling for you

but do bear in mind that you have had a tough time recently fighting off this dreaded disease and youve done an amazing job

all of a sudden your left on your own to recover now it's time to think of yourself and pamper yourself hope you have a good circle of friends or family to help you through if so let them know how your feeling 

im sure you'll start to recover slowly and shortly 

Stay strong 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 


Try taking cranberry tablets, they worked wonders for me. I think it was the third day I stopped needing to go so much.

Michelle is right about counselling, it does work wonders. I bashed on not thinking I was needing it, but was glad I eventually went.

Go easy on yourself and try and relax now, things do get better x

I will send my other half to get some  tomoz  i will  try  anything  my family  n friends  are amazing  i dont fink  it helps  my partmer as started a new  job he out the  house 13 hrs a day he did a evening  job during  treatment so he cud b there every  dsy for  me thanks  for all being  so nice  to me xxx

Are the  cranberry tablets just  the  vitamin ones  from asda  i want to  get  right thing xx 

yeah I get them from the local wee chemist,just a generic brand. My dr recommended them and they honestly work a treat. 

My hubby was the same,changed shifts to suit me. Its great that you have good support x

Its not my day now  just  had a call from docs  might need a 3 rd blood transfusion  my hb is 8


Well I think that is part of the Answer to why you are feeling so down and that your body is having a really hard time. I'm sure once you get the transfusion you will feel better. Please do stay positive you are doing so so well!!!

big hugs

Got some  cranberry  extract tablets  from  asda hope they  work  i do hope  this blood transfusion  works  this will b my 3 rd

Aw that sucks you have to do another transfusion,but needs must. You will feel a but better after that. I managed to get through this without the need for that,but bloods did go wonky the last week and had to have an injection in my belly. Hopefully the tablets will make a wee difference to you. I also take calcium and vitamin d,it all helps x

This will be  my  3rd  blood transfusion dnt no if  needing  so many  is a good thing or  a bsd thing