2 weeks post treatment - side effects

Hi ladies

I had rad hysterectomy in November with 10 lymph nodes removed which were all clear but then had 25 days radio 3 chemo and 2 bracy. My last treatment was 13th Feb and I am now suffering from a yellow discharge. It is quite sudden sometimes to the point I can have a shower in the morning, put my underwear on and if I dont put a pantyliner in straight away, i normally have to have fresh knickers as I just seem to leak! :-(. I have also noticed today I feel quite sore inside.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


Thanks xx

Hello Tracy -  I had rad. hyst. back in Dec. 2012, with similar treatments to yours  following it.  

 I don't recall having  any discharge afterwards like you've been having, nor did I feel sore inside.  I would definitely make appointment to see your GP or the team who dealt with your treatment.  I'm not a doctor but it sounds like you could  have some kind of infection - best not to let it go on much longer.

Maybe some of the ladies on here will have had this experience & can reassure you that it's nothing more than infection of some kind and can be cleared up.




Hi Tracy

I had a different operation to you, a trachelectomy (removal of the cervix) but also had around 40 lymph nodes removed.  About a week after my survery I also had the discharge, mine was yellow/ish and very "watery" on some days it was so bad that I couldn't really leave the house as I was leaking everywhere (!) It was lymphatic fluid and literally lasted about 10 days, then suddenly just stopped.  My surgeon said my insides were healing so any remaining lymph nodes were just trying to work out what to do with the excess fluid.  Once my body had healed proproperly, the discharge stopped.   It may be completely different to what you have, but I wanted to let you know just in case as it sounds very similar and I couldn't find any information on it online...

I hope it improves and all the best with your recovery.



I had a trachelectomy and 6 lymph nodes removed on the 8th of Oct 2013 (still struggling to understand why the ammount of lymph nodes removed varies so much ...) I was suffering from yellowinsh discharge since the operation. It settled a bit now (after 5 months) - so maybe it is something to do with healing. I tested it twice (as I was anxious, and results were all clear both times). So hopefully yours will be sorted soon! xx


Hi All

Thanks for your replies - i had a follow up yesterday and all is ok. Discharge is just a side effect from radio and chemo and will clear. next check up in June....Yay!