2 weeks post rad hyst still having bladder problems

Hi Everyone,

just wanted to check if it's still normal to have pain in bladder 2 weeks post radical hysterectomy? I've been tested for UTI and non present but still have stinging sensation when I pee and also constant ache in bladder. I also don't feel like it's emptying properly and I'm still leaking urine. My GP doesn't know what to suggest so do I wait until next week until I see my consultant? I just don't want to keep taking the pain meds. Only for this the rest of me feels fine, it's just the constant bladder ache.

Hi Kazzag

After my radical hysterectomy i had the stinging when peeping but that is it. I had that for about 3 weeks and it started to go away. I hope this helps a little. I didn't have any pain in my bladder 

God bless

1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report 1 parametrium lymph node involved, 5 chemo, 25 radiation 

Thanks Hun. I've been drinking loads of cranberry juice just in case, but doesn't seem to be making a difference. i think I will go into the hospital tomorrow if no improvement overnight just to be sure. This pain is worse than the actual operation.

Hi Karen so sorry to hear you are still in pain..my experience is that I've had stinging while having a wee but that's because I've had reoccurring infections but I can't say I've had real pain! Maybe get it checked out if I were you..I've just had the all clear today as well so no further treatment needed for me thank goodness..

let me know how you get on Hun 


kay x

Hi Kazz, I would go and get it checked out, I'm about 9 days post op, but haven't had any bladder issues or pain. Xx

Thanks GuyS. I feel,as though I'm so glad you guys don't need more treatment! I'm hoping that will be the case with Me next week! To top it all off I've started bleeding today too. From what I've read this is normal but think I'm gunna take a trip to the hospital and get it all checked out. Xxxx

Aw Karen let me know how you get on...although bleeding after is not uncommon so don't panic..youve got this!

kay x

I'Ve just started having a tiny bit of bleeding the last couple of days as well, after not having any for the first week. Pretty sure it's normal though.