2 weeks post lletz

hi ladies
just after a little advice, I had lletz done two weeks ago Friday just gone, I was wondering if it is ok for me to have bath now? or do I have to wait four weeks. I so just want to have a nice soak because my anxiety is awful, I was wondering how long any one else waited?
thank you xxxx

I was never told not to have a bath and had one as soon as I got home! :-/ 

That's weird :/ my letter says four weeks for swimming, sex, bathing etc but I can't imagine a bath would hurt, I'm not sure xx

I think if you have a bath without any bubble bath or any perfumed bubble bath it'll probably be ok?! It is in case of infection and I know perfumed bubble bath can sometimes cause thrush... I maybe completely wrong but that's what I'm thinking! 

Charlene xx

thank you for your reply, think I'm gonna play it safe an stick to a shower tonight, can't wait to have a nice long soak 


I was told baths are fine and I had a bubble bath this morning after lletz on Friday (didn't realise no bubble bath whoops) but so far no changes x

isn't it weird how we're all told different lol xx

They told me 4 weeks no bath, no tampons and no intercourse! If you feel ok ,et us knkw because right now I'd live a bath xxx

They told me 4 weeks no bath, no tampons and no intercourse! If you feel ok ,et us knkw because right now I'd live a bath xxx

I can't wait to have a bath, I had a shower instead. still having a little bit of watery blood when I wipe and a little bit of brown discharge in my pad (sorry tmi) but desperate for a nice soak but to scared to chance it as it says on the letter they gave me no bathing for 4 weeks xxx

Yep I'm exactly the same! Cannot wait for a good soak! Xxx

Isn’t it bonkers that the advice is different from place to place!! You’d think they’d all stick to the same guidelines! For what it’s worth, I specifically asked at my appointment if I was allowed to carry on having baths and was told it was absolutely fine (which it also says in my leaflet) so have had one every night since my lletz last Tues.

Honestly I think I’m less bothered about the no sex for 4 weeks than I would be if she’d said I couldn’t have a lovely bath for that long :smiley: xx

you are right it is bonkers. lol I’m the same, I’ve been longing for a nice soak, it’s been 2 weeks an 3 days without a bath (just showers) I’m desperate now.
can’t believe we’re all told different xxx

Hi ladies, I had my lletz treatment 2 weeks and 4 days ago. Doctor just said about doing a biopsy to test but I choose to have the treatment to remove the cells.Slight discharge and light bleeding But seems to be tailing off. I'm desperate for a bath...really fighting with myself not to have one. What do you think?  Xx

July 2016-abnormal smear 

August 2016- colposcopy and CIN 1 diagnosed 

August 2017- follow up colposcopy and smear

September 2017 - possible changes to CIN 2

So had lletz treatment to remove cells and now awaiting results.