2 weeks post LLETZ


I had my ll over 2 weeks ago. Woke today and started bleeding and also have bad cramps. I have no energy and feel like I'm burning up! What is going on? Is this all part of it?

Hi Claire

I had heavy bleeding 10 days after my lletz with clots..I let it go on for a couple of days as I thought it was normal and then I rang the doctor who prescribed antibiotics as he thought it may be infection.

try not to worry I think its pretty normal but if in doubt give your GP or colpocopy nurse a call.. they are very useful and do not mind answering questions.


hope you feel better soon


I'm 3 weeks post lletz and have had 2 infections and a big bleed I would phone your doctor a course of anti biotics will quickly help :) hope you feel better!


ps I think feeling wiped out is totally normal in just feeling better now it took me few weeks to bounce back


Yes I agree! I am 4 weeks post lletz now and I am feeling better hhowever I now have a stinking cold and mouth full of ulcers (Guess thats my body getting rid of the stress)

Thanks both. I guess I'll see how I am in the next few days. It's so annoying I really thought I was in the clear but I feel horrible this morning..cramps, bleeding, nauseous and very weak and shaky.



I had the shakes and felt faint and light headed and that was when I called my GP.

just give your dr a call this morning for a chat

Take care sending hugs

I'd give them a call today it definitely sounds like an infection the quicker you start anti biotics the quicker your feel better :) xx