2 weeks post LEEP - results soon?

I will be 2 weeks post LEEP procedure on Tuesday. I’m just wondering whether I should ring my GP/colposcopy clinic if I haven’t had my results letter by then? I know results are taking longer due to Covid but I’m not sure whether to just ring and check?

How long has everyone’s results to come back?
And can anybody tell me what I should be looking out for in the letter like wording wise? What’s a good sign and what’s bad? I fear I’ll get the letter and won’t even understand the results and then panic.

Thanks so much x

Hiya, I’m just over 3 weeks and am still waiting for mine. I gave the hospital a call yesterday and they said someone would call me back with the results. Unsure what the normal timing is!
On my discharge papers it said the biopsies would be sent to histology for “2WW” which seems to be 2 week wait, but unsure if that’s standard procedure.

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I had second LLETZ on 20 August. My letter is dated 8 September but didn’t receive it until this week.

The wording is crap and vague. It says “The tissue did show evidence of precancerous changes (normal) but nothing more abnormal than that.” And made a 6 month appointment for a smear.

I know from my own research and asking the doctor at the time of the procedure, that they would have called me back in if the results showed anything concerning or they didn’t think they had removed everything. The letter itself though was so light on detail, seriously. I don’t know what grade of changes, I don’t know how they are confident they got it all (and have had to infer that they are), and I don’t really get the chance to ask them anything either until I see them at my next smear.

I mean it’s good news but the communication has been really poor throughout.