2 weeks down, 3 to go!


After a bumpy first week - feeling very sickly and tired, admitted to hospital with a fever from a UTI and just generally overwhelmed! I can honestly say, that my second week has been much better. I've been prescribed better medication to cope with the sickness and indigestion from the steroids. My bowels are under control. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! 

Top tips: 

Bring a friend! My amazing friend joined me for the 12 hour chemo/rad day. We spent the day laughing, crying and gossiping! She made me feel brave, loved and most importantly, she made me eat! 

Tell your nurse/doctor everything that you're feeling, as soon as I mentioned indigestion I was prescribed tablets. I text my nurse and she responds as soon as she can. I feel so safe knowing that she's at the end of the phone. I had to ask for her number, but I'm glad I did. 

Timings. I have radio at 8am every day, come home and go straight to sleep, ready for the children when they return from school. I like the routine of that rather than different times everyday. Find the time that suits you and ask for it! 

Help. My family help me with my children. I'm lucky, I don't ask, they're there, but if people offer do accept help. 

 I'm very strict about visitors, I don't want to catch any bugs, sniffles, coughs. So I've told friends that once I'm done I'll be ready for visitors. I don't want to delay my treatment. I've also got hand sanitizer at my door just incase!  

No problems with my skin or hair.  


2 days break now and I've got my positive pants on.





Your doing so well  it will soon be over  then  u will  be joining us in post  treatment  my family helped  with kids 2 it really  does  help hope  the rest of your  treatment goes well 

So pleased that you're dealing with this so well x 

So glad all is going good. Keep it up and u will be done before you know it. :-)

Hello positive pants!!!

glad you are finding your mojo through all of this!!! 

Keep your chin high girl!!!! You got this!!!


Thanks so much for your post. I'm starting my chemorads next week and am feeling quite anxious about it. You've let me know that even if things aren't great, they can turn around to be  a bit better. It eases my worries a whole bunch. 

I'm so glad you have things worked out and good for you for having such a positive outlook with all you went through your first week!  Here's to an easier few weeks ahead!

Thank you for the replies and well wishes!  On Wednesday I wll be half way through- it is all down hill from there! This morning I had a lovely full English breakfast and a healthy smoothie. I think I've got my appetite back! 

I'm going now, to look at holidays for Easter! 

Daisy, feel free to ask me any questions. 


Mmouse, I think of you as we have exactly the same journey. Hope you're well. 



Hi Natcog.

All is going ok. Waiting on my results of my first ct scan. Scared :-(. I am so glad all is going good for u hope all stays good. Keep us updated.

Oh Mmouse, I'm dreading that already. Please let us know how you get on. I'm sending you every positive wish. x 

Oh Mmouse, I'm dreading that already. Please let us know how you get on. I'm sending you every positive wish. x 

Thank you :-)

hey girls,

keep up with the positivity, we can do this. Feeling more headstrong today myself. 

Im in amoungst week 4 of treatment, found this week the hardest yet but managable feeling nervous coming up for

week 5 i have my appt tomorrow with my constitant ready to plan for scan and the bracytherapy. Sending lots of positive vibes and love Francesca xx

Hi Francesca, 


You are so close to the end now it is within touching distance! The brachytherapy will come and it will go like the last 4 weeks have for you. I hope you buy yourself something really lovely to celebrate! I've just bought a dress online! Laughing


Why has these week felt harder? More side effects? I'm just wondering what to expect.  


Chemo day for me tomorrow, I never have a good time with the cannula - my veins are not as great as they used to be! 


All my love x 


Hey Nat, 

feeling better and perkier these last few days which is good yay. I just had appt with consultant and on track for everything which i think must be good news and straight forward so feeling more relaxed phew. I had a bit of a funny turn this week for some reason in the week and straight after i had 4th chemo felt quite sick but went off in waves and got it under control just making sure im taking the anti sickness like clock work to keep me covered and ive also developed tinitus this week which is the ringing in the ears apprently it can be a side effect that develops from the cisplatin and he advised that is it hasnt gone by thursday not to have the last chemo. As it can be permanent damage and said ive had 4 and the last one wont make much difference not sure how to feel about it but he strongly assvised not to do it if still there so literally playing by ear this week. Overall to be fair it has been manageable had a couple of turns of bowels but again managable and took some immodium and drinking gallons of water. Just keep on top of everything and im sure you will be fine. Sounds like your doing really well into week two aswell. 

i am so treating mysef to a large bottle of prosecco and new outfit too we deserve some special treats. We are getting thRough this. 

Good luck with chemo tomorrow and your veins behave, i had one week they tried like 4 times they found warming my arms up first in the warm water helped and drinking loads tonight and soon as you wake up so your super hydrated. Big hugs xxx

That's really amazing because I've got a funny ringing in my ear but put it down to the kids! I'll keep my eye out for that now. 

Water- good tip! I'm not drinking enough I know it!


I was getting terrible heartburn, apparently that is the steroids, I'm on Lansoprazole now and they have really helped. I can't wait to pop open the prosecco. You'll get there first so have one for me! 


 N xx 

Hi Natcog,

Was reading your post and seen that u have a earlier radation appt. That is good then u have all day to do what u want. Do u also have your radation before chemo or after. Hope all goes wells for u.:-)

Hi Mmouse, 

I have radio at 8am then chemo usually 4/5 hours later. 

Cesca, how is the tinitus? my ears are very sensitive, I feel like I've come off a plane. It comes and goes though. Did you manage to continue with your treatment? 


3 weeks down, 2 weeks and 1 day to go! I even went shopping today. was exhausted after an hour but it was great to leave the house! 

Lots of love 


So glad to hear u r almost done. Keep up the good work. :-)

Hey Nat,

sorry just logged on now and checked for update,

please make sure you mention about your ears and what you are experiancing. Mine started off like that and then it was there all the time and after the 4th chemo it become intense. 

Its still there for me in the background comes and goes again now but espcially hear it at night like when you have been out clubbing and when u come home indoors sounds like that. But they said hopefully should settle down and hopefully go.

i didnt have my last chemo on thursday they strongly advised not to as would make it worse. So ive been carrying on with my radiotherapy and getting myself prepared for brachy Tuesday. Meeting with my consultant tomorrow i think to discuss further and they did my week 5 MRI Thurs so prob to discuss that also. Ekk on the home strech now cant wait for it to be over.

how have you been doing this week? 

Cesca xxx 

I'd be really happy if I got to 4 chemo's to be honest. Well done Cesca. Thank you for posting about the tinitus because I don't think I would have recognised it. 

Keep us posted and best wishes to you for the Brachitherapy and MRI. We've got this x