2 weeks after lletz

Hi All


I had my Lletz done 2 weeks ago to remove CIN3. From day 3 i had a really strong odour and it felt like a tap was constantly on. No bleeding just a clear liquid contantly leaking. The smell was odd i cant even describe it. 2 weeks on, the odour isnt as bad, its still there though and now the clear liquid seems to have stopped and im having what seems like a light period. 


I just wondered, is it normal to have a bit of an odour? I've been on the implant for that long, periods are a distant memory. Ive been using pads since i had the procedure and its making my lady area sore but pantyliners cant contain the flow. Have you found anything that helps? I dont have a fever or any pains so i dont think i have an infection. I just wasnt told what to expect afterwards. 

Hi there 

Yes I too had the strong odour, it was foul I smelt rotten! I too had the clear water thing going on almost immediately afterwards. Had no real bleeding, however having ignored the smell I experienced bleeding maybe 10 days afterwards and was given antibiotics by my doctor as he suspected my symptoms to be a sign of infection. I also had pain tho in my legs and back so I know that's slightly different to yourself. 

I don't know about the soreness, but I suffered the same. My whole life seemed to revolve around sanitary pads! The whole things awful but I found this site brilliant as I didn't get much info from my hospital although my consultant was great.i hope you feel better soon . 

Hope this helps


I feel your pain with the pads! I have quite sensitive skin so found i was constantly itchy and uncomfortable down there from the pads and i wore them for about 3 weeks or so after my lletz. So glad to be free of them now! I had the liquid thing as well for about 8 days then it turned in to bleeding. In regards to the odour this can in itself be a sign of infection so it might be worth getting your gp to have a look, it's easy to treat with antibiotics so it's nothing to worry about. All the best xxxx