2 week wait for Biopsy Results

I had a Colposcopy today following an abnormal smear test. The consultant said she would be doing a loop therapy due to the abnormalities found. However, once she conducted the colposcopy, she decided against it due to the amount she found. Instead she took a biopsy. With discussion with her afterwards, she was concerned enough to put a priority on my results and start the process of organising an MRI and other tests. I now have two weeks to wait, and I feel in a kind of strange bubble - I am scared and a bit confused how we went from normal life to a 2 week limbo! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but the consultant did tell me, I should be prepared.


Hello NJW

I'm in a similar position to you. High risk HPV and high-grade abnormal cells, following routine Pap smear (though I was having unusual gynaecological issues for 6-9 months beforehand). I had a colposcopy 8 days ago. The colposcopist said before the examination that the abnormal cells would be removed there and then, but when he had a closer look, the 'lesion' was larger than he was expecting. So nothing was done except a biopsy. Unlike you, there wasn't really any discussion afterwards or preparation for bad news, but the team said I would receive a letter within a few weeks or a telephone call if it was more serious. Anyway, today I received that telephone call and I've been asked to attend a meeting with the colposcopist tomorrow morning. On the one hand, I'm relieved that I only had to wait 8 days for something to happen, but on the other hand the sense of urgency about it has got me very worried. Although you have been advised of a two week wait, there is a chance it might be sooner, as was my experience. Fingers crossed for you.

I completely understand how scary this is and the wait is agonising, but we just have to remember that we are in the best hands now and anything untoward will be treated as quickly and effectively as possible.

KM x

Thank you so much for your reply and I am very sorry to see your diagnosis. I hope the meeting went ok as possible. I really do appreciate your response as it is so good to know I'm not alone as this can be a very lonely time. I still feel very much in a bubble...carrying on with normal life but it being in my mind all the time. As you said, it could be quicker than 2 weeks...I am kind of hoping it will be so at least I know. I will keep you updated. Please let me know how you're getting on.

Best Wishes


31 Jan: High Risk HPV and high grade abnormal cells

3 Feb: Colposcopy and Biopsy - waiting result 

Hello NJW,

Sorry to hear that you are still awaiting your results. On the other hand, maybe it's good news that they've not rushed the results through to you? I hope so, anyway.

Yes, so I've been confirmed as having cervical cancer and I'm now waiting for the "staging" process. As you say, it is very difficult going about normal life whilst having this hanging over you. I am finding work a distraction at the moment though, so I hope you have work or something else to keep your mind occupied. I never thought I would be pleased to have work to do!!

Please keep me posted about your results and next steps.

KM x