2 week urgent referral

Hi everyone ,

I'm hoping you can shed some light on my situation  I am 40 and had a hysterectomy 7 years ago for adenomyosis but retained my ovaries and cervix. Three weeks ago I had a pale pink discharge which went on for a few hours. I went to gp and she said there was a raw looking bumpy area and she would do an urgent referral. I presumed for a colposcopy. I went to my appointment at the hospital this morning, I saw a gynaecology registrar who basically did the same as my gp, looked with a speculum  poked the area with a swab and said yes it bleeds. She told me she doesn't know what it is and therefore I need a colposcopy. She said it would be an urgent referral but they couldn't give me a time scale. Is this standard procedure? What time scale should I have to wait? I asked and they couldn't say  I feel pretty frustrated that I now have to wait again. I feel a bit fobbed off and also waiting is obviously more time to worry. Thanks for listening. X

Hi, this is hard.  I am in similar situation except she told me polyp.  I wish they would be more clear.  Good luck!


I'm in a very similar position, I'm 28 and have ademyosis too which is treated with a coil. I got examined by a doctor on Thursday and have been told it looks abnormal with an ulcerated area and two cysts. Which she did say cysts can be normal. I have had a phone call asking for me to come in to hospital Monday for a Gyne and colonoscopy on the same day. She wanted me in sooner but I couldn't as I've got loads of clients booked in for my work. I'm so nervous and keep thinking about it all x

I had a polyp a few year back and they said it was common and they just remove it. They send off to check it's ok but there's very good chances it will be ok! Hope this helps xx

I had a nabothian cyst too! Also benign!! 

Wishing you all the best!

Hi Katie, 

It does seem to be fairly standard procedure. My first appointment was with my gp, then gynaecology and then urgent referral for colposcopy. The timescales to be seen in the uk after urgent referral letter are two weeks. I think I waited 9 days. I hope you're not waiting too long. 

X Maria