2 week urgent appointment

Having been told in 2010 that I had CIN2 have now been bleeding post sex, have had an odd watery, smelly discharge and black bleeding. Been putting off going to the GP thinking its all related to the contraceptive implant in my arm. When I saw the doc on thursday have been sent straight for colposcopy and have been given "leaflets" warning me they're checking for the C word. Really worried some advice from you fab ladies would be welcome! 

hi, i think they check for cancer at any colposcopy as any abnormal cell changes are pre cancer cells. i have had similar black bleeding and pain and bleeding after sex. i have hpv virus too. had my colposcopy and have to have the cells removed in feb they are high grade changes. it is very scary but if u are worried about colposcopy try not  to it isnt as bad as you think it is going to be. and tell them you are a little nervous when you get there and they should be mindful of that they were lovely when i had mine. an im not a fussy make a scene person just literally said im a bit nervous. good luck x

Thanks  I think its the local anaesthetic they inject that Im not looking forward to  This wait is annoying me as well.  

yea i didnt have any needle when had colposcopy but will have to when have loop excition done. they even took bioposy with no numbing and honestly was ok. good luck x