2 week referral- very anxious!


I have come to hopefully find some stories of reassurance as I’m having a very worrying time, the people on here seem so lovely and helpul- it is already calming my anxiety. I went to the doctors for some very mild pain in my lower left abdomen (came and went) but I am very anxious about my health so I do go to the doctors for any small aches and pains. No other symptoms. The doctor wanted to do some swabs and as she was putting the speculum in, she was having a bit of trouble. She said there was some blood on the swabs (which I wasn’t too worried about as this happened last time during my smear test). She then said she wanted to refer me for a second opinion to gynaecology as it was an 18 week waiting list otherwise. She said that ‘she hadn’t seen that before’ when she was examining me. She then said someone would call me for some blood tests and that I wasn’t to worry but it is called the ‘2 week cancer pathway’. I asked if she thought it looked like anything serious and she said, that it didn’t look like it. I was in such shock that I didn’t ask anymore questions and just left. Since then I have been in a state of panic and shock. I’ve had my bloods done which showed a slight out of range full blood count (apparently this can be due to stress or being on the contraceptive pill) and she wants to repeat my CA125 in two weeks (no reason as to why). I have now got my appointment with the gynaecologist in a months time but I am beside myself with worry. She didn’t really explain anything that was going on and when I called and asked about my blood tests and asked if I could speak to her the receptionist said that wasn’t possible. I’m just wondering what she might have seen during the pelvic exam that made her so worried.

I am due to go on holiday im 3 weeks and I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy it without some sort of reassurance, googling has made it 100 times worse as I’ve convinced myself I’m going to be diagnosed with advanced cancer.

I am even considering having a private appointment to get seen before my holiday.

If anyone has had a similar experience then please let me know!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Aej1990

Sorry you’ve found yourself in this alarming situation and having been there myself I think I can empathise with the torrent of fears you are experiencing right now.

Easy to say but try and take things as they come. You’ve already had a form of reassurance in that the doctor doesn’t think it’s anythng serious, so I suggest holding on that thought for the time being. When we’re in a state of high anxiety we can take knee jerk decisions and imo there’s little to be gained from going private before your holiday; if you get a different assessment it may just add confusion to your worries plus test results may not be available before your holiday. Also going private is expensive and juggling private with NHS care might not work too well.- unless you wish to commit to the private route whatever the diagnosis. One month might feel like a long time to wait but it’s highly unlikely to have any detrimental impact on your long term outcome.

You’ve already discovered that Googling makes things worse - it oftten does when it comes to matters such trying to self diagnose. Better to replace it with something lke going for a walk which will help you feel better physically and mentally.

If you find it difficult to get on top of your worries I suggest giving Jo’s helpline a call - it can help a lot just to talk with someone who can understand what you’re going through.


Thank you so much for replying to my original post Jazza. I know it’s been a while since I posted but I wanted to write a follow up in case anyone is looking for some reassurance in a similar situation.

I did end up going to a private gynaecologist (£180 for a consultation) and he was amazing and really put my mind at rest. Of course if I’d had to have any further scans etc it would have cost a lot more so it was a bit of a risk. I went to my 2 week suspected cancer referral last week, it was very quick and it turns out I have a nabothian cyst and was discharged from the service as I am no longer having any symptoms (my original symptoms had been coming from BV for which I was prescribed antibiotics). My CA125 blood test result came back a month later as 9 so that was ok too.

I was absolutely terrified when I was originally referred and I do feel the doctor could have given me more information about the referral and blood tests so if I could go back I would have asked more questions at the time.

Anyway, I hope this can give some comfort to anyone who might be in the same situation as the posts on here really helped me when I was feeling a huge amount of anxiety at the time.

If anyone does read this and has any questions about my experience then please ask!

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I was in this same exact situation and it ended up being cervical entropion. I bled during my pelvic exam and asked my gyn twice if he’s sure it didn’t look like cc. I live in the US so I was able to get an appointment within the next week. I’ve been reading multiple posts on this forum and I empathize with women in other countries having to wait such extended periods of time. I hope my story gives you a little reassurance during your wait. Hugs!!!

Thank you for your reply! It has turned out to be a nabothian cyst which doesn’t need any treatment so I am very relieved!! I ended up paying for a private appointment to put my mind at rest but you’re right, it shouldn’t be such a long wait. I hope our experiences can help if people are in the same situation