2 previous LLETZ treatments - what next?


I’m 35 and was diagnosed with HPV plus abnormal cell changes over a year ago now. My first colposcopy biopsy came back as CIN 2 so I had my first LLETZ Treatment. Results came back with clear margins.

6 months later I had a another colposcopy check up which showed the same again - still have HPV and CIN 2 is still showing up. So I had another LLETZ treatment.

The results from this also showed I had unexpected CGIN too. But they advised to wait another 6 months (taking us to this October) to then have another colposcopy check up.

I am feeling extremely anxious for these results - as my history has shown, check ups have involved new abnormal cells developing that need to be removed.

In addition and separate to all this, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April this year - and I have just finished my active treatment of fertility preservation, surgery and radiotherapy - and now on Tamoxifen hormone therapy for 10 years.

So - I am now on ‘high alert’ on anything to do with my health - especially my upcoming colposcopy in a months time.

Has anyone had more than 2 LLETZ treatments ? It’s hard to find examples of people who have had to have more treatment than this - unless it is hysterectomy - and this feels very scary as I’ve not had my family yet.

Hope everyone is ok and thanks for listening x


Hi @Lovemypets

I myself have only had 1 LLETZ im due my check up this month, but you can have upto 3 LLETZ treatments depending how much has been removed in the past, they usually consider a hysterectomy when all other treatment options havnt worked and they do take your wishes into consideration throughout

If a LLETZ is no longer an option they can offer the other treatments that would either laser the cells or freeze them off, make your wishes clear to them and they will do their best to allow you to have a family in the future, a hysterectomy is a very last resort and they dont like to do them untill its necassary x