2 previous bopsy 1 normal now symptoms

hi everyone,

im new here as i felt its time to ask questions!

my very first smear test at 25 years old show cin2 after a colposcopy treatment on site and biopsy this showed cin 3. 6 moths later i had cin1 colposcopy and biopsy this showed normal,

im 4 months late for my 28/12/2012, and have been having a few symptoms of cervical cancer but not bleeding.

i had my smear done yesterday and i got severe shooting pains from my navel downwards and across so the whole of my abdamon is in sharp pain,

ive had light cramping after my previous smears but nothing to this extent, the pain down my right thigh is worse and the cramping ive been suffering the past few months is to the point i can harldy move.

has anyone else had these problems after a smear