2 out of 3 clear margins. :/

Hello everyone I’m new here and confused and sad :frowning:
Had my colposcopy and Biopsie for Servere changes 4 weeks ago and now been told I have 2 out of 3 margins so basically 2 are clear and one isn’t, and no and waiting on dr to decide weather I need another ‘Loop’ or weather to wait 6 months for another smear. I’m confused and scared I found this whole experience very horrible and been depressed the past 4 weeks of waiting for these results, has anyone been in this situation and if so what happened? Did u wait 6 months or did they get rid of the cells that was left behind straight away?
Leigh :slight_smile:

Hi Leigh 

sorry. Can't offer any advice as I am also waiting for my results to be reviewed by the MDT team, however I understand your feelings about waiting for results and the uncertainties of it all. Sending you a hug, you at definetley on the right site for support x


thanks for your reply sunflower, 

the receptionist reassured me no cancer was found which makes me feel I'm being selfish for worrying still when it's good news and bad news together really, Its been a long 4 weeks of bleeding no baths no sex, just can't bare the thought of another 4 weeks doing that again :( with the worry of hoping they have it all. 

I hope everything goes ok for you and I'm here if u ever want to chat. Do you know when your results will be back? I'm allowed to ring Monday to find out what they plan to do. 

Sending a hug right back.

Leigh :) xx

Hi, Leigh 

i have got to wait until the 11 th may for  them to decide what the next step is, the waiting is definetley the most difficult, but coming in here and reading other people's experiences had given me great comfort and a different kind if support as I'm not really sure if my partner really understands how I'm feeling.

i hope you get some answers soon and you are managing to get some peac if mind as I have also been feeling very low 

big hugs and please let me know how you are you can always message me if you need someone to talk with 


I have my results back and have to have a 6 month smear again no further treatment as of yet. Which I am over the moon about but just have an uncertainty about it all which is gnna stink for the next 6 months. 

if I didn't have this site I don't know what I would do, im pretty sure my bf doesnt realise the seriousness of the situation or get my feelings Either. defo makes it a lot harder doesnt it :(

fingers crossed you also recieve some good news regarding your biopsie. Let me know how it goes 

sending hugs xx

hi, Leigh 

thanks for that I'm sonpleased that you have your results back and that no further treatment is needed, but u guess it is something that is always gong to be playing in our minds no matter what, but I agree this site has been my saviour so many times when I have been pretty low. 

Wmushing you all the best