2 lletz treatments in less than 12 months - normal?

I am very worried that I am going to get a call or a letter in the next few weeks to tell me I have cc. I cannot stop thinking about it. 


I had an abnormal smear and had colposcopy & lletz treatment. Cin 3 and HPV were detected. The letter from the consultant said that the treatment would normally be sufficient, and to re attend for a smear in 6 months. 


In the 6 months since this treatment more abnormal cells grew and were detected at my follow up smear. The consultant says these were Cin2. 

Is it normal for these to grow again so quickly? Is it an aggressive strain of HPV that causes the speed of growth? I didn't ask what type I had.


I've just had further lletz treatment for this second occurance last week. The consultant says if further cells grow a third time and my family is complete (thankfully it is) she would recommend a hysterectomy. 


No one has mentioned the word cancer yet, but I am terrified that is what is coming next. Would they consider a hysterectomy to deal with recurring abnormal cells as a preventative measure? It seems extreme. 


Everyone here that has been through a diagnoses of cancer is so brave, but I am not sure I am the same sort of person and feel very negative and worried about it all. I know this is not a good quality or character trait to have, and probably isn't that helpful on a forum like this, but I am being completely honest here. 

Hi Valerie - I'm sorry you're going through this, especially when it should have been sorted after your first LLETZ. That does seem pretty quick for more cells to grow. I guess the consultant would not want to take any chances if it did recur. I don't think you can have more then 3 LLETZ as there would be no cervix left, so if more came back after a second LLETZ, then it would be your decision to make.

Saying that, you should try to take this one step and a time and see what they say after this second LLETZ. Be reassured that they are keeping a close eye on you, and will keep an extra close eye after this recent diagnosis. They will be able to catch anything very quickly, and may reduce your next check to 3 months to be sure - perhaps you could request this anyway.

Thank you for your reply jjcarnage. I will try to take one day at a time! Every time the phone makes a beep I'm checking if someone is trying to contact me. I really need to take my mind off it!


I agree that it does seem a short time for the cells to come back. I clarified that with the consultant. I asked if these were left behind after the first treatment or have grown since. They have grown since....

I was fine after the procedure, just last night I started freaking out and have convinced myself I'm getting bad news. 


I forgot to say Valerie, that yes they would absolutely offer you a hysterectomy as a preventative measure if they know that chances are the cells are going to keep growing back. It does not mean you have cancet now, they want to stop it before anything progresses to that stage. Yes its extreme, but that will be your decision to make if they grow back again after a second LLETZ. I think she is just preparing you for the worse. xx

Hi Valerie,

I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I can understand how hard it is to get an abnormal result so quickly. I've been through something similar, I've had treatment twice and twice cells have changed again within 6 months. In my case I have high risk HPV which my body can't seem to clear. It doesn't happen that often for cells to change so quickly, but it does happen and I just wanted to share my experience so you know you're not only one to have experiened this. 

I wish you all the best x