2 LLETZ procedures followed by unclear margins

Hello All

I'm new here, although I have been reading some of your posts for sometime, before deciding to join in.

I had my routine smear test in March, the results came back borderline dyskariosis and high risk HPV.  I had a colposcopy appointment on 15th April.  The nurse said she could see two types of cell change, but they looked like mild changes to her.  She took a punch biopsy, and the result came back that I had moderate cell changes, which I believe is classified as CIN2.  I had a standard LLETZ procedure on 11th June.  3 weeks later I had a lettter stating that the biopsy sample had unclear margins and I was invited to go to an appointment with a gyneacological consultant.  He told me that there were also glandular cell changes (CGIN?) and that he believed that some abnormal cells remained on my cervix.  He performed a second LLETZ procedure with a local anaesthetic, but took some remaining abnormal cervical cells as well as abnormal glandular cells.  I think the procedure might be known as a Top Hat LLETZ.  The lump of excised tissue measured about 1.5cm x 1.5cm diameter, changing to  around 2cm diameter at the top. I had a letter back from him yesterday staing that here were still unclear margins both to my cervical tissue and glandular tissue so he wants to see me on 11th August to discuss treatment options.  He did state though that there was nothing worse than abnormal cells present in the biopsy sample.

I wondered if anyone else had been through the same procedures as me and if so, was a hysterectomy offered?  I have the feeling that this is where all this might be leading for me.  I don't want to have the same treatment as last time, as it was very painful, as he cut into me quite deeply.  if I had the same procedure again, it would be deeper still and I can't help feeling that it would be more painful.  I just want it to all be over so that I can feel normal again, Frown