2 lletz in 9 weeks

Help ! 

in november had my smear ! Abnormal smear and hpv 

had colposcopy on 4 dec , also had lletz done there and then about the size of 50pence piece 

havent received any letter 5 weeks on so I rung up today and to be told confirmed cin 3 and I have to have another lletz in 3 weeks on the 5 feb , that’s 2 in 9 weeks apart , and I have to wait for letter to show up ! ( great help )

also out of 3 margins 2 were clear and one wasn’t 

not a great deal explained to me whilst having lletz done 

Hi hun


i had to have two 6 weeks apart, one in November (came back microscopic cancer and lots of sin3) margins weren’t clear hence the repeat. Lady told me nothing to worry about would get letter in a month and then follow up in 6 months as planned. But unforetunately now I’ve had an appt come through for consultant this Thursday so my biopsy must of shown something again :/ 


so don’t worry about having it done twice but I will warn you they take a little more than last time just to be sure it’s all gotten. I was in Quite a lot of pain after second one (It was quite bad, took a long time to complete and wouldn’t stop bleeding so I was on the bed for almost an hour) 

Hi there, im in exactly the same boat as you.... last tues I got told I had cc 1a1 8 weeks after my lletz and im booked in for another one on wed.

Im quite scared as im worried the staging could be wrong but also lucky they are now treating me.

Good luck I hope all is ok x