2 areas removed from cervical canal by GA - awaiting results - hysterectomy?

Hi everyone

On Tueseday 26 Feb, my gynae removed what she described as two 'areas' from higher up cervical canal by GA and I'm awaiting results.  She also did a hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and D&C at the same time so I think the womb lining has also gone for testing. Feeling a bit rough now and yet more waiting.

My original smear came back with 'scanty' cells found with severe abnormalities. The doctor who did the Lletz mentioned 'query invasion' which frightened the life out of me.  My gynae thought they would be removed in the Lletz (they took 1cm) but nothing at all showed up so she was right that the cells had come from higher so I guess I was lucky they showed up on the smear in the first place. 

My gynae then consulted with a gynae/oncologist who said we needed to look higher up the cervical canal and organised the op last week. She said she will definitely do a hysterectomy at some point because I'm 56 now and postmenopausal. The only thing is the timing. If the cells are cancerous then something will be done asap but she said if they are pre-cancerous the ongologist said to have a follow up smear in a few months and then the hysterectomy.

I can't understand why they don't do a hysterectomy sooner rather than wait for another smear test?

Just wondering if anyone has had similar things happen and what course of action was taken 

Any help would be most appreciated

Louise x