2 and half weeks after lletz; what's normal?!

So I am two and half weeks after lletz, and I am still extremely fatigue, bleeding like a period and so so bloated that I’ve put on around 4 pound.
My skin is also gone so dry and spotty.

Getting really down with it all now and just want to know is this normal? So to speak, I know every woman is different but I just feel so run down.

I was on antibiotics last week as I had a suspected on set of infection.

Anyone who’s been through similar please put my mind at rest! Xxx

hi there

 its  been a week and 2 since i had lletz done, i'm to feeling very bloated, getting lots of dry spots and now on antibiotics for suspected infection! i guess this may be a natural reaction to the body healing 

Hi vickie32

ita horrible isn't it? I'm on three weeks now and still bleeding like a heavy period. No results yet either. I just want the bleeding to stop and the results in....not too much to ask haha

hope your lletz went well and your infection clears up mine seemed to with antibiotics