1st time smear

Hi all, I just had my first colposcopy appointment earlier this week following on from my first smear aged 25. I had my first smear in September and was recalled to repeat it in December as the sample was inadequate. I was waiting nearly 5 months for the results and finally got a letter through from my local hospital the other week informing me I’d been scheduled for an appointment at the colposcopy clinic, and a leaflet letting me know what all was involved. The team at the clinic were lovely and very calming, they let me know my smear had been borderline and hpv had been detected (not 18 or 16 as I was thankfully vaccinated when I was younger). During the examination, she said she could see a very small area that looked abnormal so she removed the whole area and sent that for biopsy. Now I’m waiting hopefully just a few weeks for results, but as I wait I think there’s just a few questions I didn’t ask when I was there at the clinic. I just kind of got on with the appointment and everything I had to do, but I think I feel a bit overwhelmed now, I didn’t really think I’d have an abnormal result just because I’d waited so long for the results I thought everything must be OK. I just wondered had anyone else had immediate treatment at their first appointment and were the cells high grade abnormalities upon biopsy?