1st time smear test

Hi ladies,

This is probably a stupid thing to put up on here but,

I have my first ever smear test on Thursday ive been putting it off but im getting very panicy and scared about it .

I dont know why because im normally not scared at these things but this is freaking me out!!!!!

I was hoping for some advice on what to really expect???? 

Hope somebody can help!!!!


Well done you for booking it. 

Basically, the nurse will get you to lie on your back, and will probably get you to put your feet together and spread. Your knees. She'll use a speculum to open your vagina. A speculum is smooth, clear plastic, and it opens (gently) outward.  They used to be metal and quite cold! She'll probably smear it with ky jelly first. Then she takes a brush-like thing, about the size of an earbud, but longer, and rub the top of the inside of your vagina (cervix) to collect cells for testing.

It's not wonderful, but it's not horrendous either, let her know it's your first one and that you'd like her to explain what she's doing. It's over really quickly too, so just do it and get on with your life! It's a whole lot less scary than finding out much too late that there's something wrong. And she's done it a million times, so you'll not have anything she hasn't seen before.

x good luck! 

I put off my smear for four years and really wish I'd just got on with it.  I was really suprised how quick it went and although it was mildly uncomfortable it was over very quickly.

I read on a forum that someone's Mum used to tell them to treat themselves after they have been for a smear as a little "pick me up" - so just think of that cake you can eat afterwards! x

Thanks ladies your comments has helped alot xxxx