1st smear result moderate - next one a week later severe!

Find myself questioning normal results I received from Smear test 2 years ago as I am now awaiting results from NETZ (like LLETZ) procedure had yesterday. This stemmed from me going into GP complaining of intermittent bleeding thinking maybe pre menopausal but am on the pill so didn’t make sense to me. Upon smear test 1 results said low grade but I test positive for HPV 16 and 18. Colposcopy Biopsy and Smear number 2 done a week later. Biopsy shows CIN 2 and Smear results Severe Dyskariosis. Crazy right? Was smear test 1 just mis read? Crazy to think that but could it be? The dr. doing the NETZ procedure did a 3rd smear. I will post what results come back with that and the biopsy results. Scared though as the symptoms are there as far as Intermittent bleeding… I may have noticed a tiny bit of spotting after sex once or twice but was no big deal and always just after a period…

Stressed… Exhausted… Scared.


I have had CIN a few years back which was treated and last smear i had a polyp which was removed but not tested and now 5 years later i have a smear and get my reults today being slightly abnormal with HPV virus awaiting date for colonoscopy I also had 2 polyps present at smear test so I'm worried, how did ur biopsy come back? When doing my smear the nurse struggled to get sample and had to invite a second nurse in to help- I hope u got on ok with ur results would be great to hear from you