1st Smear - High Grade Dyskaryosis

Im 26 and had my first smear test last week.

On Friday I received my results which were High Grade Dyskaryosis (Great way to start the weekend).

I was told i would receieve an appointment from the hospital for a colonoscopy.

I ve done nothing but worry all weekend and convince myself of the worst.

I have to say after fining this website, this morning and reading about other people feeling the same way I do, I feel much better.

I can see that its more common than you think and its not worth stressing out until all the results are in and you know what you are actually dealing with.

- Thank You.

Hi Nikki, that's such a good way of looking at it. Keep up that attitude as its so easy to work yourself in a frenzy, and then at the end realise there was no need for all the panic! I hope your appt comes along quickly, the waiting is absolutely the worst. Its such a relief to get those weeks/months over with. Best of luck xx

Hi Nikki Lou,

Its so hard for me to say try not to worry, try not to google but I was in your shoes this time last year with a letter saying high grade - all I will say it is so much more common than i ever realised and if you speak to people they will be like oh i had that or i know so and so was called back.

Well done for even having your smear after the latest statistics out and keep us updated on your journey.


Danielle x

NikkiLou I have had the same letter on my door step this morning, first smear last week and high grade results too. Got my coloscapy appointment on 9th Feb. Hope your not waiting too long for yours. 

I know it's easier said than done but try not to google it, I've spent most of the day googling and dispite have 2 small children I'm really struggling to distract my mind from it. 


Fingers crossed! X

NikkiLou, the same happened to me a year ago, I had the colposcopy appointment where the nurse diagnosed CIN1 at most and I had a biopsy taken and a few days later I had the Lletz treatment, The results of the biopsy said no evidence of abnormailty, phew. Just had my first yearly smear so I am back to the anxious waiting again. It's not as bad as you think, but as I was in yor shoes this time last year I fully understand how you're feeling... I was a wreck. Good luck!!

Had my Colposcopy this afternoon and the doctor coudn't see anything abnormal. She has done a biopsy to be on the safe side.

I found it very reasuring that every month she has a meeting with the lab team who tested my smear and in this meeting,

they will discuss my results in more detail to be sure that the results were defiantely abnormal or not. I will then be called back for

more testing or to be given the all clear. Its nice to know that they are checking everything 100% and not just giving me the all clear.


Thank you for your responses, its definatley helped having other peoples experiences. I've learnt so much more this past week.


i just recieved a letter in the post today saying I also have high grade. I am 25 and really anxious. I had a smear when I was roughly 18 because I had cysts on my ovaries and had a brilliant gynaecologist but can't remember the exact reasons why I had one so young!


im trying not to google too much but I couldn't help but think the worst as i have been pushing for a smear for a year due to some symptoms..

hope you can offer some advice 



Got my biopsy results and they are fine. But it did say viral changes - Anyone know what this means?

I havnt been told about any HPV found previously so im confused....

Ive just found out today, that they now want me to go back for a loop biopsy. Im back to being worried after thinking everything was fine. Not looking forward to it at all as I found it really uncomfortable last time.

Hi, how did you get on with the second biopsy?

hope all was ok x