1st smear after LLETZ

Hi, everybody.

I have my first smear after LLETZ this Monday!  Came back here almost expecting to see the same "faces" here as when I had my LLETZ as I assume a lot of us must be on 6 month recall.  Haven't had any symptoms but can't help feeling a little bit worried it won't be clear... fingers crossed.

If you are in the same boat, very good luck to you!


Hi hun, i went for my 6 month recall on thursday, i was actually a month early with it as for some reason the secretaries booked me in after 5 months instead of 6, the nurse said it was an error.

Did you just have a smear or did you have a colposcopy? I had to go back to the smear clinic at the hospital and i had a colposcopy as well as the smear as i told her i had been so worried! She said everything looked normal from what she could see and i have healed well. She did say that sometimes women need a little longer than 6 months (or 5 in my case!) to clear the HPV virus. A bit gutted ill be back for yet another colpscopyw if i have still got the HPV but in another sense i feel so very lucky to be getting kept an eye on. 

She said she would write to me with results within 3 weeks.

Here's hoping we get the all clear hun and we can start to relax a little more, fingers crossed. Xxx

Going for tests is always a bit of a jittery time. Good luck!


Thanks, Tivoli!  Natty, I do remember you from 6 months ago!  I'm glad you've got it all over with and it looked like everything was good.  I am just having my smear at my doctor's surgery.  To be honest, I kind of wish I could have a colp again because you get a bit of immediate feedback. Normally it's quite quick after a smear, though, right?

Fingers crossed for us both!

Oh, I wish they'd sent me for colposcopy! The nurse who used to do the smears at my surgery has retired, so I got a new person today.  She first of all said I had lots of 'gloopy stuff' covering my cervix, which she said was normal in young women.  Then she said my cervix was high up.  She changed speculums, still coudn't see cervix, had a rummage around with the brush and made me bleed (and then said, 'ooh, I seem to have made you bleed really easily' - NOT HELPFUL!!).  Then she decided to put the stirrups on the bed, used a larger speculum, still couldn't see cervix, which apparently is small, far back and tipped... they did comment on this at the colp clinic but I used to be able to have smears ok in the surgery (maybe my cervix has retreated further in response to the horrible things that keep happening to it?).  She also commented that I have 'floppy' vaginal walls ('at least ten years older than you,' she said - umm, what does this mean?  Is it a sign of some impending medical crisis?  Or a mispent youth?).  She tried one more time with the brush, again I bled, and she said 'look, I'm not confident I've got the cells, and seeing as this smear is REALLY IMPORTANT, I want you to see the GP.'

Which I can't do until 4pm.

So now I've cancelled everything else I was planning today and I'm huddled on the sofa in the fetal position eating a lot of crisps.  

Keep thinking back to the start of the appointment when I told her, 'I just had LLETZ, I'm really nervous.'  I'm sure she was trying her best and probably felt flustered that she couldn't get it right, but so much of what she said was (hopefully needlessly) alarming.  Wish I'd gone straight to the doc or the colp clinic...


Oh no Libby that's not at all nice!! I hope you have a quick "pleasant" experience with the GP later on.

Thanks :)

Had to post again just in case I freaked anybody out... my doc was amazing and found my cervix quickly.  Said she thought it looked fine, also said that a small amount of bleeding is very common with smear tests.

She did warn that the smaer could be inadequate because of spotting but by and large she's really put my mind at rest.

Next time, straight to the doc!


Hi Libby

Sounds like a nightmare! So many women are put off having smears for fear of such a dreadful experience, sorry it was like that so soon after having treatment. Floppy walls? WTF???!!

I did laugh about your foetal position eating crisps, I like that too, preferably with wine!

Hope your results come back quickly and all fine


Libby im sorry you had that experience at the docs, but glad the GP managed to get you sorted rather quickly!

I think its just routine in my nhs trust that if you have had any treatment you go straight back to the hospital for 6 month recall. Im not sure if she was supposed to do a colposcopy at the same time as the smear or not but if she wasn't then just did it as I have been so panicked and also have had pain in my vagina since the treatment. She said all looked normal (but she didnt use the solution to show up any naughty cells so is purely judging off magnified visible views of the cervix, not sure if this makes a difference) and also showed me on the screen where i had healed over from the lletz. I had swabs at the same time just to rule out infection due to the pain. She said she would write to me within 3 weeks with results but she said they do usually get smear results back within 7-10 days. So for you it should be the same. 

I just hope i can try and put it to the back of my mind until those results are in my hand as i refuse to spend weeks worrying about it like i did after the lletz procedure, i actually made myself ill. Xxx

Bless you, it's so easy to do, isn't it? I'm quite embarrassed about how little I got done yesterday (and how many crisps I ate!) - I was just so worried! Fingers crossed for you. Hopefully it will be all over and resolved soon xx

Hi Libby, up until yesterday I was in the same boat. I had my first smear since lletz two weeks ago and I am not going to lie, I was dreading getting my results letter. It came yesterday and I couldn’t be happier, no abnormalities and negative for HPV!! Next smear 2018! So relieved. Hope you receive good news too.

Feb 2014 High grade dyskariosis
Feb 2014 colposcopy - CIN1 at most
June 2014 Lletz - ungradable biospy
August - No sign of abnormality after having sample analysed
Feb 2015 - All clear back to 3 yearly smears

Hello, so pleased for you!  Fingers crossed I'll get the same. How long did your letter take?

Thrilled for you! x