1st Smear after Lletz pro

Just had my first smear test following Lletz procedure and it was really painful… has anyone else had this? The Lletz was approx. 6 months ago and the nurse said it should be healed. I don’t ever complain normally! Just wondering if this is “normal” if there is such a thing

Hi @Disneyfan89

I had my follow up smear 2 weeks ago and it hurt like a mofo :joy: never had problems before either but this time it felt like she stabbed me rather than doing a 360 swab lol like a sharp pain, it can be normal with the first as the scar tissue can be sensitive… im just hoping the next one isnt as painful xx

I recently had mine as well, 6 months later…I’ve had uncomfortable paps in the past but never painful…this one hurt! I couldn’t wait for it to be done with :frowning: