1st Smear- Abnormal Results- My story

Hi all,

Just wanted to tell people about my expierence, I found when I was trying to look for a bit of peace of mind a lot of the forums were asking the questions I wanted answer too! Anyway, I was called for my first smear 6 months before my 25th birthday, off I toddled thinking nothing about it. A week or so later the results came back as abnormal and I had high grade dyskaryosis, I tried to act ok and normal about this but I was freaking out!! 2 weeks later I went to the hospital for my biopsy and I was petrified. Stupidly I was more afraid of any pain from treatment rather then I could have cancer! Luckily the first thing the doctor told me was that it wasn't cancerous but of course, if it's left there's about a 70% chance it could develop into cervical cancer. She got me in the chair which is much more comfortable then lying on the bed, although you do feel exposed you've just got to remember the doctor has done this before and you aren't the first. She had a good feel in me which again was a little intimate but I kept telling myself "I'm just another patient", I was then told she was going to take two samples, eeek, here comes the pain, or so I thought. She took two cell samples from two different parts of the bad cells and it felt like I'd been pinched quite hard, it did make me squeeze the nurses hand but that was it!!

So, a month or so later I was called for my treatment, thermo coagulation, uh oh, this is going to be painful!! I had a different doctor this time as I was at a different hospital (reaction to anesthetics in the past... I don't do things the easy way me!) It was a man and I can't say I felt uncomfortable about this. He gave me the anesthetic which felt like the usual injection sting and then I had a bit of a moment. I got quite emotional because I just kept thinking "pain, pain, pain, this is going to hurt, OMG" and I felt next to nothing!! It felt warm and as I bled a little I felt like I was weeing and that was it, I couldn't believe I worked myself up for that!! I was a little shakey getting up but the nurse helped me and my nerves soon settled. I was warned after I'd have a few period type pains but I barely got a niggle. 

It has only been 3 days since the treatment and I feel absolutely fine. I'm having watery discharge and I have been told that it's common to get a mucky discharge about a week or so later.

Moral of my story, stay calm, it's not as bad as you think! Please feel free to ask me anything you want, I'm very happy to talk about my experience!

I'm going for lletz treatment tomorrow I'm so freaked out by this. I see a gynaecologist for PCOS so its not the invasion of privacy that bothers me. Its the treatment and the pain. My biopsy hurt. They also have to remove my mirena coil which I cried when they put it in ( only way to describe that pain was someone twanging my ovaries) I'm glad yours wasn't as bad as you thought but I'm still a nervous wreck :( x oh I almost missed it... I have cin3 x

Hi Stace, hope everything went ok for you today and it wasn't as painful as you thought x